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BABY born® at the Park | Review

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We take reviewing very seriously in this house. So all though its the height of summer, with temperatures hitting 28°C, Elizabeth BABY born® took one for the team and reviewed the latest in BABY born® fashion, a trendy Norwegian patterned jumpsuit lined with snuggly warm fur material.Olive was on hand to cool her off with plenty of fluids and ice cream. The life of a BABY born® model hey!

baby born climbing frame

We took Elizabeth to the park to test the jumpsuit on the swings, climbing frame and slide. It's important to check that the suit enables plenty of mobility. Which I'm pleased to say it did. The jumpsuit is in BABY born®'s favourite colour PINK! and comes with a pair of super cute sunglasses. With a retail value of £19.99 we think this jumpsuit really is a must have for Winter 2016.

baby born park fun

However just a word of warning the jumpsuit isn't the easiest thing to get on given as BABY born®'s arms don't bend in the middle. Olive struggled and so assistance was needed. However if your daughter is anything like mine it's not long until most of the BABY born®'s in this house are nudy nudy!

Elizabeth was also sent a BABY born® 2in1 Sleeping Bag or Carrier. This is a great multifunctional carrier, as its made of cloth, it's much lighter than the BABY born® Comfort Seat making it easier for Olive to carry herself. It also doubles up as a sleeping bag, with it's cuddly cushion, which was great for our summer sleeping in the tent in the garden sessions!

olive baby born drawing

Olive was desperate to help write something for the review! How cute is this!

* You can read all about Olive's favourite BABY born® products here : Happy Birthday BABY born® 

If you are looking for Christmas present (sorry there's that C word again!) both of these would go down well with both BABY born® and their owners. 



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