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Fuzzikins Craft Cosy Cats | Review

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by Megan Giltrow (age 8)

cosy cats

I think the Cosy Cats are a wonderfully great example to the little ones about how to imagine and let their minds run free. I especially like how you can treat it like a real baby with the bed and super hero costume. It is really cute and the children love it.

One minute there's a baby kitten on the floor

The next there's cardboard boxes everywhere!!!

Those naughty little kittens. 

(we made them houses out of shoe boxes) 

cosy cats bed making

To make the beds I folded the fabric in thirds and then used the lollipop stick to push the lines through the holes. And then fold it again and poke the holes in but don't do the top this makes the sleeping bag now add one cute kitty cat!

finished cosy cat

He looks so cosy!

What the grown ups need to know :

Fuzzikins Craft Cozy Cats RRP: £12.99 

This kit includes 3 cat figurines, felt tip pens, sleeping bags and plenty of other felt accessories to customise and play with. The felt-tip pens in this set are washable, but they may stain certain surfaces, carpets, or fabrics. The girls did their cats in stages so as to allow amply time for the pens to dry.

Craft projects that don't need adult supervision are a winner with me! No glue! No mess (well except the bits of paper on the back of the felt!) and lots of opportunity for the girls to be as creative as they like. The set is reasonably priced and is great for follow on play once they have finished creating their cat. Ours are now living in a shoe box house, unless the Sylvanian Families pick them up in the car for a day out! 

super cosy cat

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