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Surviving the Summer with Boots Soltan | Review

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Did you know that sun damage is caused by two types of ultraviolet light, UVA and UVB? No me neither! UVA penetrates deeper and is mainly responsible for ageing. UVB penetrates less deeply but also causes sunburn. Daddy Moo is half Greek, both Charlie and Olive have inherited a fair bit of his mediterranean genes, especially their gorgeous brown colouring. This doesn't mean however that they don't have to wear suncream! Megan sadly missed out on any Greek genes with her red hair and lily white skin she is super sensitive to the sunshine.


We have spent a lot of time out this summer from theme parks, to forest walks to running through the river and with 3 children we have got through a fair few bottles of suncream! Boots sent us a multipack of suncream to get us through the holidays and here are the key facts you need to know. Did you know around 3 tablespoons of sun cream is enough to cover your whole body? As the children , are a bit older now they can help apply suncream themselves to the major body parts but the areas to concentrate on are behind the knees, top of the ears and back of the neck.

Bottles, bottles everywhere! We were blessed this summer with such beautiful weather but it's important to remember that one suncream application a day isn't enough. I had a mini bottle in my camera bag, bottle in the boot of the car for impromptu picnics, I even popped a bottle in Charlie and Megan's backpacks covering all bases! You can never have too much suncream! Sand, concrete and even grass all reflect UV but if any of these surfaces become wet the amount of UV reflected can double. Meaning those paths the children scooter down, the river bank, beach and even our sandpit are all UV reflectors

Wearing a t-shirt provides UV protection but only when it’s dry. Once it becomes wet it turns opaque so swimming in a t-shirt offers no protection from the sun! This means it's vital to cover your child's body in suncream not just the areas exposed to the sun. Especially if your kids are like mine and the slightest bit of water and they are soaked!

We took many a visit to Moors Valley this summer being as the weather was lovely and we can walk. Usually I have to cover the children in suncream and insect repellant so imagine my delight that Boots Soltan has a 2 in 1!! Because there products are 5★ rated, they give the highest level of protection against UVA which makes this mummy really happy. 

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  1. I never realised that once a t-shirt was wet it no longer provided UV protection

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