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On Tour with DanTDM | A Mum's Guide

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Charlie was born in 2007 along with Facebook and my world as I knew it changed. Who knew social media would become such large features in our lives and businesses, from where we shop to how we shop. Alongside how we share information with our families and friends. I still remember running home from school, kicking off my shoes and watching Fraggle Rock, kids TV ended at 6pm. Now kids TV is on 24 hours a day although most of Charlie's favourite shows happen on YouTube.

During many of our Summer Holiday days out Charlie was acting as my PA, checking my emails, deleting spam and generally keeping me up to date. However this in itself becomes an issue when he reads review offers and suddenly I have a mass of Pokemon toys delivered! The Autumn round-up from Lighthouse Poole caught his eye and before I knew it I am taking 3 9/10 year old boys to see their hero DanTDM.

Don't worry mums cowering in the corner wondering who DanTDM is or what happens in his live show I have the lowdown!

Who is DanTDM?

According to Wikipedia : Daniel Middleton (born 8 November 1991) is a British YouTube personality and professional gamer who goes by the handle The Diamond Minecart or DanTDM. His online video channel mainly focuses on the popular game Minecraft. * insert parent yawn *

DanTDM is currently touring the UK finding unique ways to tell his Minecraft stories on stage rather than through YouTube.

dan tdm

Do Your Homework :

Tanya from Happy Handley suggests watching “one of the Dr Trayaurus sketches on YouTube as this is good prep the show is a lot like this. There is audience participation and lots of noise!" * packs ear defenders *

Dan says “A live show means getting audience feedback, getting them involved and feeling the energy in the room when the audience are reacting to what you are performing. As soon as I had tried this once, I explored different ways to make the best of a live space and that is where the DanTDM tour was born. I wanted to get rid of the screen that separates me and my audience and bring them what they see on my YouTube channel, but share it with them face to face instead”

What can we expect to see on stage?

One of the best parts of this tour is that it is so unique as a concept that no one really knows what to expect from the show! However, you can definitely expect some custom made TDM games, audience participation, a full story and certainly things that my fans have never EVER seen me do before! DanTDM

I'm starting to think this might be fun, I might not need to pack my knitting! (Who am I kidding I can't knit!)

My son meeting his hero, DanTDM at Legends of Gaming! Fab day. #DanTDM #legendsofgaming #log

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If you are lucky enough to grab a VIP ticket to any of the DanTDM shows you will get to meet him in person! *insert oooo* Nadine from JuggleMum waited for 2 hours to meet DanTDM (now that's dedication!) she suggested taking a few snacks and drinks for the wait in line.

Get your little one to take a Minecraft sword, hat or other merchandise and Dan will sign it. If you don't have anything like this then if you child draws a nice poster or DanTDM and you laminate it - you can get him to sign that! Posters to sign are sold at his events for £7 each so this is a cheap way to get the same result!" 

Top tip!

Charlie : I cant wait to see DanTDM because I've watched his videos and I like them. I like the stories. He talks to you whilst he's playing in the video. He sometimes makes me laugh and he's interesting. Somebody robbed the crown jewels and DanTDM is going to help the police. (* Disclaimer Not in real life! *)

To find out more information on DanTDM tour dates Produced and promoted by Endemol Shine UK, ticket prices start from £15. Further details and information about where to buy your tickets can be found at 

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  1. Thanks for using my Instagram shot! It really was a fun day - my son will never forget meeting DanTDM!

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  2. My girls love this guy....I suppose he is better than Stampy. lol Great tips. I never managed to get tickets to see him when is up here.

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