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6 places in and around Dorset to use your Blue Peter badge

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Back in January Charlie made a list of 10 things he wanted to do in 2016. Top of the list was “Blue Peter Badge”, he decided to go for the Green Badge which is looking at how eco friendly you are. Charlie wrote about his bird feeders and Megan her fairy garden. They both received their badges and luckily just before the summer both kids had their cards meaning we could start using them to get into attractions for FREE! Yipeee!

blue peter badge

The first thing you need to be aware is the children only get in free with a full paying adult, sometimes one adult can be used with two Blue Peter badge holders but you will need to check the website. I fully admit on a few occasions I've paid for Olive as an adult as it's worked out far cheaper.

new forest wildlife park

New Forest Wildlife Park

Both Charlie and Megan have been here for school trips and Beaver day outs and have been keen to take me. All my children love animals and there are so many gorgeous creatures here to see. There are a few parks dotted about too, we had a picnic (and ice-cream) in the large park. Megan was keen to take home a otter, Olive disliked the heat in the butterfly house and Charlie was chief guide who adored showing us around. I love how interested he is in the keep talks, relaying back information to me. We spent the whole day there, with the talks, feeding time, park and it was a gorgeous sunny day weather wise too. I'd definitely go again.


Charlie has been asking for years to go to Stonehenge. Fearing his pleas fell on deaf ears he added this as a destination on his 2016 goals! From the visitors centre which is full of artefacts, information and some round houses outside you can either get a bus or walk to the stones. We decided as it was such a beautiful day to walk, it was quite magical running over the hilltop and seeing the stones in front of us. The actual stones are fenced off by a piece of rope so you cannot touch or climb them. However there is plenty of area to sit, enjoy the stones and eat a picnic, which of course we did!



The stones are beautiful and Charlie really enjoyed seeing them. Olive being 5 got bored quickly, I persuaded her to stay a while longer with the bribe of the bus ride home! M&M loved the round houses again unlike Olive who moaned about the smell! Inside the round houses are made to look like they would in neolithic times, including people inside making things. We chatted with a lady who was weaving reeds to make a sheaf for a knife. Stonehenge was great, it's not a full day out and is quite pricey so I was very glad to use the badges! I'm not sure it's somewhere we'd go again but glad to have ticked it off the list.


Monkey World

We've only been to Monkey World once and Olive was only 3, she had a winge about the smell (she really does have a sensitive nose) and the monkeys plus it was a really busy day so we haven't yet ventured back. However now we have the badges I'm sure we will!

 monkey world2

Photo Credit | Max and Mummy 

Laura and Max (part monkey) enjoyed a lovely day out at Monkey World learning about the conservation and rescue efforts. I love that Monkey World is all about the monkeys and each one has their own individual story of how they arrived in sleepy Dorset.


The Oceanarium has been somewhere we have visited since Charlie was a baby, over the past 9 years things have changed and developed. Last year penguins and an indoor play area for the little ones were added, Charlie and I were lucky enough to get a preview. The great thing about the Oceanarium is once you have your day pass you can come in and out as you like. It's also situated on the beach making it a great place to head indoors on a hot sunny day.

How ace is Dani the penguin keeper! Excellent time with Moo at @oceanariumuk tonight @lizleanpr

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Dinosaur Museum

What child doesn't love dinosaurs and living on the Jurassic coast I think Dorset children are designed that way! We had great fun this summer collecting fossils at Kimmeridge Bay and after reading about Elliot's adventure at the Dinosaur Museum it looks like the perfect autumnal afternoon escape.

 entertaining elliot dinosaur

Photo Credit | Entertaining Elliot

Totally love this image of the 3 of them (eeek and soon they will be a family of 4!)


We might not have finished 2016 yet but Charlie is working on his days out for 2017 and Beaulieu is top of his list. There is such a different level of interest between a 8&9 year old and a 5 year old so I always worry whether I can keep all the children happy. There's a great review over on Chelseamamma who successfully managed to entertain 4 children from baby through to teenager. If that's not a glowing endorsement I don't know what is!

chelseamamma beulieu

Photo Credit | Chelseamamma

I cannot wait to use our Blue Peter badges this Half Term and getting one is so easy. Just head over to the website decide which colour you want and get to work :

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  1. Thanks for sharing ? this looks like a great pass to set up for the kids, especially for the upcoming Christmas Holidays. Dorset is such a picturesque area of the UK, and an ideal holiday destination to take the kids with so many great attractions and activities to do!

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  2. Fab post, we loved the New Forest Wildlife park and really want to visit Stonehenge too. Thanks for featuring me

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