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Wraps Wristband Headphones | Review

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It's not often we are sent a product to review that gets Daddy Moo and Charlie arguing but just recently we've had Meccano, a Thunderbird 2 Arihog and Wraps wristband headphones. At least I had the forsight to get two pairs of wraps!


Daddy Moo uses his phone to listen to the radio whilst he works and believe me he gets through a lot of headphones. He looses them, he takes his jumper off forgetting that he has them in his ears and then he steals Charlie's! We were sent two pairs of innovative wrap headphones to try out, which Charlie was super happy about (mostly because Daddy Moo had “borrowed” his new ones.) Middle School has been such a big change for him and he's been loving a bit of bingeing on DanTDM in preparation for his show next month.

Wraps wristband headphones bridge the gap between technology and fashion conscious individuals. They come in a variety of colours and designs – the beaded ones would look amazing, layered up with bangles.

Being able to “wrap” the headphones around your wrist means you limit the chance of loosing them when you put them in your pocket or unplug them from your phone. The wraps design solves 3 inherent problems with headphones, storage, anti-tangle and style. I can see them being really popular with children and students who can wrap them round their wrist during lessons. The fact they are designed so they don't tangle is perfect for Charlie who can get easily frustrated and heavy handed if things dont' work straight away.

Best of all these unique design features do not impact on there purpose as the sound factor is not compromised. These make an awesome stocking filler priced from £14.99.    

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