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Thunderbird 2 Airhogs | Review

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I remember when Thunderbirds had a resurgence in it's orginal state in the early 90's my brother was obsessed and my dad used to tease us about the true meaning behind FAB. As much as I tried to interest Charlie he wasn't that fussed …. hey these 21st Centry boys don't do puppets! Roll forward a few years and Thunderbirds has been given a make over. Same awesome characters saving the world with a new computer generated animation twist and Charlie is hooked!

When we first took Thunderbird 2 out of the package I was literally amazed at how light it is. It almost feels like polystyrene. My first thoughts were Moo is going to wreak this in minutes! Charlie isn't the most patient of small people and after failing to get the air hog airborne he soon gave up. I tried a bit of coaxing over a number of days but nothing, resigned the fact that I was somehow going to have to photograph and fly this thing myself at the same time! *multitasking ninja!* However I invited one of his first school friends over after school and provided them with two flying objects and let the frolics commence! It didn't take the boys long to get the Thunderbird 2 off flying and although they crashed once or twice *A LOT* it appears to still be in excellent condition!

thunderbird 2 airhog


Thunderbird 2 AirHogs is priced at £49.99 and available at most toy shops and online. You do need to purchase 4 AA batteries for the controller. It comes with a USB cable to charge the Thunderbird and it seems to hold it's charge for a while (or maybe this is because we haven't completely mastered flying yet!). Aimed at 8 years + this makes a great Christmas present and although Charlie wouldn't let her fly it Olive (5) enjoyed chasing it around Nanny's garden!  

 thunderbird 2 airhog

We found that the boys found it easier to fly if it was on a flat high surface like a table (or Nanny C's hot tub lid) The boys really struggled getting it to lift off from the ground as they seemed to find it difficult to keep straight but at key level it was much easier. The controller has two levers, the left-hand side up and down, and the righthand side one makes it turn. We mastered the up, followed by crashing down! It's such a fun toy and Charlie has a remote controller helicopter and a quadrocopter so the boys loved chasing and flying with each other and of course crashing is hilarious! 

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