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Sunny and her Foal | Review

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When you love BABY born® and horses what more could you ask for than a BABY born® horse. Not only is Sunny a super cute horse which moves and neigh! But she comes with a baby foal too! As if that's not exciting enough when the foal touches Sunny's mouth they make a kissing sound! *insert heart eye emojis* 

 baby born sunny and foal

Olive has named Sunny's foal Misty after her favourite pony she rides. Misty is just the right size to pop into her scooter basket and whizz off to horse riding lessons with. Of course it means I end up carrying her whilst she rides. 


Sunny is fully interactive press the left ear and she starts walking, although this movement is a little more back and forth when BABY born® is on her back. Press the right ear Sunny neigh. Rub Sunny and her foal's noses and they kiss! The foal also has a magnet in her leg so you can attach her to Sunny so when she walks the foal follows. It really is a super set.

The BABY born® brand really does have a high-quality collection of accessories which provide both enhanced and diverse play opportunities so if your child isn't a fan of horses they don't miss out. The Wonderland range is filled with fairies, dragons and unicorns or maybe the bath time range with bath, towels and a rubber duckie!

BABY born® Interactive Sunny & Baby include a saddle and tack with foal retails at £39.99 and is a perfect addition to any pony loving child's collection. Batteries are included which is a win in my book! As the foal is soft and snuggly she is perfect for night time cuddles.

Olive was sent Sunny and her foal in order to review, she has previously reviewed the interactive BABY born® however we totally love this BABY born® collection. So much so I have purchased the riding outfit for Olive for Christmas. There is also a stable too, which I'm sure will pop into my shopping basket soon. 


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