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Adventure Awaits | Box Frame Craft

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Ever since I can remember on days out the children have squashed pennies. It's a lovely keepsake from our adventures. However I started to find squashed pennies about the house, random coins from holidays and other collected knickknacks. First of all I popped them in a glass coffee jar which was nice but you can't see the pictures unless you take them out the jar ….. which of course the children did and then I was back to an empty jar and pennies everywhere. *sigh*

There are loads of ideas on Pinterest of course and this is what I came up with. I adore box frames they are so versatile and super cheap.

adventure awaits finished

I think it looks amazing. Since I took this photo the coin and fossil fell down and I had to superglue them up. I've also added some more coins both squashed pennies and euros hanging around from our trip to Corfu. It's also hanging on the wall taking pride of place and just begging for a new adventure memento to pop in.

What you need :

  • Small box frame (£4 from Wilko)

  • A drill, metal file, sandpaper and a strong man …. I had to make do with Daddy Moo. If you are power tool savvy you can do it yourself. Basically Daddy Moo made me a slot in top of the frame so the children can put the coins in. We also had to remove part of the box too. Not the neatest job but it's fit for purpose and nobody will see it. 

box frame cutting

  • A map for the background. I purchased one for 75p at the charity shop. It's no where special to us sadly but it was the only map there.
  • Adventure Awaits card. I bought a This Is Life accessories pack a few months back from Stamping Up with the intention of creating something amazing. Sadly this hasn't happened. However the ADVENTURE card was perfect for this project. I wrote awaits and drew the arrow myself. There are lots of “Adventure Awaits” typography print outs online if you fancy something different.

adventure awaits frame

Originally I attached a fossil and the Disney coins using glue spots. This wasn't the best idea and they soon fell off meaning I had to superglue them in place. I'm not planning on doing anything other than adding to the collection and I only used the glue spots for ease.


adventure pin

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  1. What a great and creative idea. This adventure box is beautiful and a great way to keep special mementos gathered from travelling. It would be a fun project to put together for the Christmas break or afterwards once you?ve collected photos and memories from the break.

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  2. This is a great idea. We have a folder full of them from Disney World

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  3. This is a lovely idea and a great way to keep all those squashed pennies safe. The little penny sized slot should be perfect now that you have done the hard work. I once used one of these boxes for shells and had the same problem with them falling down. In the end I let them heap up at the bottom and just kept adding to them. It worked too, if less stylish looking! I love your map background, we always bring a map of the area home with us from holiday as well as all kinds of trinkets form coins to tickets, now I know how to use them all. Thank you for sharing with me on #Trash2Treasure

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