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Christmas Hacks To Save You Money

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I love Christmas. BUT it is so easy to see the costs spiralling out of control. Daddy Moo's birthday is Christmas Eve too! I don't have a budget but what I do do is save up any vouchers/clubcard points, Tesco, Sainsbury's, Amazon etc … through the year and have a big blow out at Christmas. We also try not to go super crazy at Christmas with presents but embrace days out and Christmas activities instead. 

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Like everyone though I want my house to feel snug and Christmassy and well you can spend a small fortune just on decorations alone. I've made a little vlog but if you can't stand to listen to my shreeking voice (I don't blame you) then check out the list below.


Here are my top tips for saving pennies this Christmas :

  • Recycle : Saving up Christmas cards for creating gift tags and wrapping etc. 

  • Investing in batteries : Buying lights that have battery packs mean you don't need to work around plug sockets but also mean you can hang on mirrors etc.. all year long.

  • Get the kids involved : This isn't everyone's cup of tea! But we aren't anal about our tree, the children do it and it basically looks like Christmas threw up on it! However it makes them happy and that makes me happy. Daddy Moo and Olive threaded pasta tubes onto pipe cleaners this year and previously we have made popcorn garlands. Pinterest is a great place to find lots of salt dough recipes too. Check out my Christmas Themed Pinterest Board

  • Bring the outside in : There are so many beautiful Winter plants outside at the moment from mistletoe to holly, fir cones and even twigs. Keep them au natural or give them a spray with gold or silver spray paint. We still have some pumpkins as décor!

  • Longevity : I love these ideas by Festive Lights such as buying ornaments or adopting a colour scheme that will last all year round. Copper is big at the moment and stags don't seem to be loosing their appeal.

 christmas hacks festive lights

I'd love to hear all about your Festive Hacks so please do leave me a comment below. 

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