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Aladdin Lighthouse Poole | Review

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I don't want to brag but we've been to see a fair few panto's and like to think we are probably in the realms of expert. We are also massive fans of Lighthouse, Poole. It's such a great local resource for all ages. We have been watching shows here since 2013, there's something for all ages, all interests (Megan and I have watched the ballet for the last 3 years) and each performance is matched almost perfectly to which theatre/studio it's performed in. The staff are always friendly, approachable and great with the children.

principal cast & ensemble - aladdin photo richard budd

Principal Cast and Ensemble | Photo Credit Richard Budd

For the past 3 years we have been invited to watch the panto and every year Megan tells anyone who will listen that one day she will be in the panto. So way back in September she auditioned for the chorus, sadly this year wasn't meant to be but it hasn't put her off auditioning again. I absolutely love this about Megan everything is an experience and never stops smiling. Aladdin is written and produced by Peter Duncan (From Blue Peter fame and Megan's mate from the audition) or as he shall now be known “PANTO GOD”. Script was top notch, acting immense and Peter himself wonderful. I really hope we see him back at the Lighthouse next year (hint hint, although if you can give Megan a role much appreciated.).

peter duncan (abanazar) photo richard budd

Peter Duncan | Photo Credit Richard Budd

Everything that makes a panto good is here in BUCKETS full. As you enter the theatre the circus is in full swing, no moaning from small people when will it start! The girls were dressed as Jasmine and Belle as we entered Pantaloon (played by the superb Laura Curnick great to see a female playing part of the comedy duo) commented on their outfits and chatted with them. Little touches like this really enhance the experience.

sapphire elia (princess xiaoxue) & max bowden (aladdin) photo richard b

Sapphire Elia & Max Bowden | Photo Credit Richard Budd

The cast was great perfect mix of slapstick comedy, love story and the evil Abanazar. I booed and hissed my little heart out. Oh yes I did! Fantastic set design and even a flying carpet! Oh yes there is! For me the star of the show has to be Miguel Angel, The Genie of the Lamp his impersonations of Michael Jackson/Prince/Bowie/Freddie Mercury were sublime.

I really liked the bit at the beginning when someone was picked to walk the high wire out of the audience but it was actually an actor. I liked the circus too. I really liked Peter Duncan, I met him when I auditioned, he's really funny. I liked when Aladdin picked Owen to come on the stage and they were flying. Megan age 8.

miguel angel as genie

Miguel Angel | Photo Credit Richard Budd

I haven't laughed so much in ages. There seriously is no better way to get into the Christmas swing than with Aladdin at the Lighthouse, Poole. I'm going to go out on a limb and say this is the BEST panto we have seen! EVER! Running until 8th January you have plenty of time to get a ticket.

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  1. This sounds like great fun. I thought A was too old for pantos this year but she begged me to go and watch Cinderella so we did.

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