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Happy Pizza Expressmess | Review

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During our mini break to Basingstoke we were invited to eat at Pizza Express. I've been shopping at Festival Place before but I didn't realise there was a whole restaurant area at the back. Pizza Express is a glass building and I had some serious light fitting envy. We were greeted by super helpful staff who commented on our Christmas jumpers. They gave the children colouring kits and baubles to decorate which kept them nice and busy!

happy pizza expressmess

The girls had a children's meal which is 3 courses, starter, main and pudding. Both girls went for dough balls, a pepperoni pizza and chocolate brownie for pudding. It's a great size meal and surprisingly sparrow eater Olive demolished it. At £6.95 I felt this was a really good value for money and both girls were full after. (drinks are extra)

Charlie, Daddy Moo and I all had different starters so we could share. Charlie & I had dough balls and cheesy garlic bread, whereas Daddy Moo had calamari and freaked the kids out, all 3 had a try but they were less than impressed!

pizza express

For pizza we ordered 3 so again we could have a variety. As it is Christmas it seemed rude not to have a festive pizza. Porchetta Natale Romana N Pulled, seasoned hog roast with a soft herb stuffing, pancetta, mozzarella, fresh rosemary, tomato, garlic oil and pine kernels, finished with fresh parsley and it was so good! I've never thought to put pine nuts on a pizza but I certainly would now. The second pizza was just a margarita as the third (which I didn't even try as I hate spicy food) Diavolo Hot spiced beef, pepperoni, mozzarella, tomato, green pepper, red onion and Tabasco, with your choice of hot green peppers. Oh my days! From the look on both Daddy Moo and Charlie's face it was HOT! Considering they struggled their way through each slice having to have a margarita in between to calm down their pallets there wasn't much left over. Charlie crying a little insisted he “wasn't going to be beaten by a pizza”.

Puddings are currently free when you order a starter and main. After rolling back into Festival Place feeling super full we enjoyed looking at the Christmas lights and tree. Pizza Express might not be your first thought for a Christmas meal out but I would throughly recommend it.  

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