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Doodle Delirium #CrayolaGames | Review

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Who doesn't love a good old family game over Christmas? Charlie and Megan are getting older now and like to play proper games they love a spot of Battleships. So when we were invited to try out Doodle Delirium by Crayola I thought it sounded right up my art crazy Megan's street. This ultimate family game is designed to test your creative streak. With 4 creative challenges : Paper Mashups, Model Madness, Scribble Riddles and Doodle Dummies which means you have to doodle, model and guess equalling a whole load of hilarity.

doodle delirum

Although the box states ages 8+ I thought I'd try including Olive (5) too. Which was a big mistake as she really struggled as my other team player. I also found the instructions quite tricky took me ages to work out what was happening. Charlie and Megan were a team against Olive and I. However you really do need an adult on each team to keep the momentum going. Plus C&M kept struggling to get the answers right meaning they didn't move at all. The board is split into a full game and a short game which is handy, I like things a bit faster paced maybe once we get better at the game it won't take so long. Next time I will definitely play with a second adult on the other team.

doodle delirium megan

What are you drawing Megan? Who knows!

RRP is around £19.99 in most retailers (although I did find it a bit cheaper on Amazon) which is pretty much standard these days for a game. It comes complete with sand timer cap that fits on the end of your Crayola pen (handy) , 4 x Pipsqueak character counters, 4 x card packs, coloured dice, notepad, modelling clay and paper mashup squares. I think this makes a great addition to anyones board game repertoire it's always nice to have something different and unusual.

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