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Scentsy it makes sense

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Something crazy happened last term. I went from being a Scentsy admirer to owning quite a collection! My friend Ailsa has been a consultant for a while and offered Megan a lovely owl clip buddy to review. The girls made this hilarious Harry Potter themed video. Oakley the owl is super smelly (the website says oodles of orange, the citrus can be over powering but it's really fresh) and Megan loves him. They make great alternative gifts and stocking fillers (as we found out this Christmas), RRP £16.50.

Before I knew it I was the proud owner of 2 warmers, an array of wax, 2 car bars oh and another clip buddy (because Olive would die without a 'moo'nicorn)! I seriously am a marketeers dream! I am easily sold too!

Joking aside what is so great about Scentsy? I've always been a candle burner I love the smells but they never last that long and you end up with wasted wax (which if your savvy you can turn into your own handmade candles) Plus Daddy Moo would buy me pretty ones I didn't want to burn. Scentsy on the other hand is a safer, flameless, wickless alternative. Use basically plug in your decorative ceramic warmers (one of ours acts like a table lamp) to warm the wax there's no burning, boiling or flames. All Christmas we melted festive cranberry, cinnamon bars which I have now replaced with fresh smelling lemongrass and coconut.

Initially I thought the whole set up seemed expensive (a warmer is around £22 - £66) in comparison to candles but in reality you get what you pay for. Each bar costs £5.50 and you get 8 cubes inside. I'm so surprised how long the scents in each cube lasts. We have been changing our cubes every week in the living room but our bedroom warmer less often, mainly because it's on less and the room is smaller.

I was provided with Oakley Owl in order to review however I purchased all the other products myself and love them so much I felt the need to mention them.

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