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Dream Believe Achieve | Medal Display Review

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As Charlie grows up (he's 10 soon!) I really hope he never looses he's “give it ago” attitude. Like any young boy he loves being outdoors, running, climbing trees and riding his bike. Last April we sat watching parts of the London Marathon when he turned and asked “can I do a run”. After a quick google search I had him booked on a run in Poole park for June. The day arrived and he was a little nervous. Although he takes part in team sports and swimming, he'd never been involved with a run before. Charlie did fantastically and was rewarded after with a stunning medal and an ice-cream! Although he found it tiring and harder than he had thought Charlie had started to develop a taste for competitive sports.

medal display

Last summer we were blessed with so many amazing sporting moments via the Football World Cup and of course the Olympics. Charlie's interests were peaked by multiple disciplines, heptathlon and triathlon. Triathlon combined swimming and cycling two things Charlie loves plus the running which he's less keen on although he still keeps entering races! Our local leisure centre where Charlie swims every week had some flyer about a triathlon happening in October and there was a junior race. I must admit I thought it was a flash in the pan idea and really Charlie was a little out of his depth. But as always I totally under estimated him. Signed up and ready to go Charlie competed his first triathlon and is competing in another in a few weeks time.


The October triathlon was a complete learning experience for him. He didn't take the urgency of getting to and from each section and was found by Daddy Moo wandering from the swimming pool to the bike area towel in hand drying his hair! He also decided to have a complete clothing change! Gotta love him! This time he has a triathlon suit and is going to RUN between the disciplines! Having moved up a group in swimming too he's been concentrating on swimming longer distances and his breathing. All in all he's feeling confident about March's Triathlon. I love that Charlie's goal is to beat his previous time and to enjoy it. I can't help but feel proud of him.

medal display collage

When you become a sports magpie you collect a few trinkets. I love the variety in Charlie's collection of medals from running, football, swimming, school sports and triathlon. For the last few years they have hung on the back of his bedroom door alongside his dressing gown (snazzy) and Oh My God they drive me nuts! No sneaking in his room without clang clang! came to the rescue with their “Dream, Believe, Achieve” hanger (£24.99). Charlie picked the design himself as he felt it reflected his personal sports journey more. Charlie is also a bit of a hoarder (no idea where he gets that from) and hasn't been able to let go of his bibs but no fear has something for these too! (Run bib holder £24.99) only use the highest grade, 3mm thick, stainless steel with a beautiful brushed finish they look incredibly smart (although a little hard to photograph for me!)

run medal display

These medal hangers are so easy to hang and all the fittings were supplied took Daddy Moo minutes to get them up and Charlie hours to hang those medals just right. What better way to finish off his display than with Charlie's 2017 Blue Peter Sports badge. I cannot lie I am super jealous of his collection! 


We were sent these Medal Displays in order to write a review. Opinions are my own. 

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