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3 simple ways to update your kitchen

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We have been doing up our kitchen for what seems like forever. *I think it has been forever* Part of that is down to lack of skills the other part is down to trying to do it on a budget. If like us you are looking to update your kitchen quickly and simply here are a few suggestions for making an impact. When we moved the cooker and fridge didn't survive the move when we replaced them we went for black and I really wanted to add a more industrial feel to the kitchen but still keeping our personality.

A lick of paint :

You don't even have to change the colour to make an impact. A fresh coat of paint will lift the room making it look cleaner and vibrant. Especially if you have a white or cream walls these can dull with frequent wiping. Use good quality paint that can take the wear and tear of being in a kitchen environment.

cupboard doors painted

I really disliked the colour of our kitchen cupboards so thanks to a tin of Rust-Oleum Gloss Finish Furniture Paint Liquorice (black) they look so much better. It was so easy to do too. I removed the doors, hinges and handles gave them a really good clean with sugar soap and then lightly sanded them down. Using a roller for smooth coverage I gave them about 4 coats leaving them to dry for a few hours per door. I must admit I did one complete door at a time due to space (if it had been dry warm weather I'd have done this outside) inside so it took a few days. I've sugar soaped the areas of white in-between the cupboards and the kick boards. I'm undecided yet whether to paint those black or to give them a fresh coat of white. 

New lights :

brooklyn litecraft

We had an awful strip light. Not only was it long and the plastic tinged yellow (ewwww) it reminded me of a really bad 80's throwback. Strip lights also have this annoying click when they come on and give off a somewhat orange glow. Litecraft however provided us with a stunning Brooklyn 3 Light Industrial Ceiling Pendant Bar in the Satin Chrome finish (it's also available in rose gold and white). As Daddy Moo and I aren't electricians we did pay someone to come and take down the original light and put up the new one.

litecraft brooklyn

I adore the industrial feel of the pendant bar, I'm a big fan of the dome shaped shades they give of such lovely depth of light and gorgeous shadows. As the fitting comes from one central ceiling cap point instead of flush against most of the ceiling it gives the illusion that the ceiling is much higher. The Brooklyn Pendant Bar gives off a much warmer glow (lightbulbs not included) and the 3 shade design makes a such a difference to the ambience within the kitchen. A new light really changes the look and feel of your kitchen this pendant is around £100.

Make the space work for you :

When we moved in I was amazed how much cupboard space we had. However I soon realised that all this space means clutter. Before I knew it the cupboards were over flowing with quite frankly rubbish. We removed a whole cupboard under the counter and inserted a much needed dishwasher! I finally regained hours in my day not washing dishes. Winning! We also have a tall cupboard which I decided to take the shelves out of to house our mop and hoover. You wouldn't belive the difference this makes to my life. Not having these items lolling around the house. Now they have a place to live with a door! Goodbye clutter.

hook abodent

Adding a hook to the back of the kitchen door also makes this space more usable. I can hang my carrier bags there and the children's lunch boxes too. Saving space in the drawers and worktops. I went for a decorative hook, so it looks pretty when it's unused. The Florid Swivel Coat hook from has three swivelling upturned hooks and the Vintage decorative baroque style works really well with our industrial and electic kitchen.

Do you have any top tips for doing your kitchen over? 

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  1. Samira Magrabi

    Ohhh I need a hook!! I have the kids bags all over the place, drive me potty!!! Great blog post!

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  2. Debbie Whipps

    Love the light you chose! I used to work for a lighting company so still have a bit of a passion for lighting!

    Posted on

  3. I really need to do this. Our kitchen needs painting, it's still covered in orange baby puree from when I weaned the kids, they are 5 and 8 now ?

    Posted on

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