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Loopdedoo Spinning Loom Review

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The first thing you will notice about the Loopdedoo Spinning Loom is that everything you need is in the box. Literally. All the threads, there's no need for batteries and the loom acts as it's own storage box. Which all us Mum's know already makes it a winner. It's pretty amazing.

loopdedoo loom

What do you get :

  • 1 Loopdedoo Loom

  • 18 Skeins of embroidery floss

  • Detailed instructions

The instruction booklet was a little difficult to understand. Nanny Moo, Megan and myself tried a few times to follow the instructions but were completely lost, with bits of thread everywhere! After a quick google search we found a ton of videos on YouTube and would you believe it's so easy! There are some great tutorials online for more complicated bracelet ideas.

The great thing about Loopdedoo is that there is no set patterns or “getting it wrong”. Each bracelet is completely different and unique. You can use lots of threads or just one. Matching colours or go crazy. You can make the bracelets super thick or really thin, the possibilities are endless. This is what makes it a great creative outlet once you know how to use the loom the rest is up to you. Making the bracelets takes sheer minutes. I think Megan spent more time deciding on which colour combo of threads to use than actually making the bracelets!

Top Tips :

  • Be careful how fast you turn the knob in order to mix and create your friendship bracelet.

  • Ensure that you have a good grip on the thread so you can keep an even design

  • Watch videos! The videos really do make the Loopdedoo easier to use. Visually seeing how the bracelets are made.

  • Keep your threads nice and tidy in the storage compartment (otherwise you end up untying a lot of little knots)

Megan is 8, she loves it. I can see as she gets better at using it her designs will be stronger and she'll be able to create her own ideas too. Using the Loopdedoo Spinning Loom you are also able to make belts and necklaces, we haven't tried this yet, but a couple of belts for summer dresses sounds lovely.


Loopedoo was super cool I made tons of bracelets.

Loopedoo was one of the best reviews I've ever had even Daddy loved it.

When Nanny came round Loopdedoo was the first thing she wanted to do.

You can even watch TV at the same time.

Megan age 8.

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