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Marwell Wildlife | Review

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Since he was a toddler Charlie has always said he wanted to be a vet. He has an insatiable interest and love in animals. From cuddling our cat George to documenting the birds visiting our feeders, there's nothing about animals he doesn't love. Charlie doesn't have any real preference he loves all animals. During the Easter Holidays we were invited to visit Marwell Wildlife Park and Charlie was beyond excited.

marwell wildlife collage

Marwell Wildlife is really well laid out and is really designed with the customers needs in mind as well as there animals.There's a main circuit to walk around and plenty of parks (5 infact) inbetween each animal zone to keep those less enthused interested (yes Olive I'm looking at you!). The land train also provides a ride to any areas you might fancy a second look at or just enjoy the view (rest your weary legs!)

We arrived just before 11 and the car park was already filling up fast. The weather was wonderful and we didn't pack up to leave until nearly 5. There are plenty of places for you to sit down and enjoy your picnic, although there is a restaurant and coffee/ice cream stops are dotted along the route. Marwell Hall is a perfect picnic spot too.

marwell photographers

Sadly due to lack of planning we missed all the animal talks but theres so much information around the enclosure it didnt spoil the day at all. Charlie and Megan have their own cameras and were keen to take all their own snaps. This did mean we spent a long time waiting for the cheetahs who were clearly camera shy. Or as we later decided Charlie shy as they were running around doing poses when we drove passed on the land train. As soon as we arrived they had disappeared again! Luckily Charlie did get this snap of a tiger (after 30 minutes and 3 failed attempts!) Man it was stressful! Now I know how Attenborough must feel! 

tiger charlie photo

The Wild Explorers section is not typical of your zoo enclosure. It mimics that of the wild, whereby you can see white rhinos, scimitar-horned oryx, ostriches and Grevy’s zebra all co-habiting in harmony.

marwell wildlife

Olive loved the variety and dispersal of the parks around the route. It also meant on occasion Olive could play whilst Charlie was engrossed by animals or Nanny and I enjoyed a coffee. She did however love watching the ants in the tropical house. There is also promotional signage about a new tropical house being built due to open next year. There is also a Lemur enclosure being opened later in the year too which looks super exciting. 

We did make a stop in the gift shop however I'd love to point out how you actually have to make a trip there. We could easily have walked passed and not entered. I was held to ransome having to leave the venue via the gift shop which is a pet hate of mine. 


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