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Match Attax Extra Trading Cards | Review

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Over the years Charlie has had varying degrees of interest in Football, he's been on teams, to training camps and played at school. In August he decided after a few years off he wanted to join a team again and Daddy Moo cheered at the prospect of loosing all our weekends to football! He joined Merley Cobham Under 10's and this whirlwind has ensued. I think in August he was hitting around 75% in love with football now we are over 100% and he just doesn't stop talking about it. match attax trading cards

Daddy Moo took him to see AFC Bournemouth play AC Milan in a friendly, whereby they stayed and got loads of signatures from Bournemouth players on Charlie's programme. He was over the moon but the first thing he said was “I need Match Attax!” turns out other fans got the players to sign Topps Match Attax Football Trading Cards and quickly this became Charlie's new obsession. He even had a Match Attax Advent Calender, takes swaps to Cubs once and week and has me bidding on cards on eBay!

In March 2017 Topps launched Match Attax Extra, which is the second Premier League Match Attax collection of the 16/17 PL season. Following on from the January transfer window meaning you can keep your teams up to date. I recently took Charlie to a AFC Bournemouth player signing, where he took his prized Match Attax with him. Having been loaned to AFC Bournemouth from Arsenal, Charlie was clutching his Arsenal Jack Wilshere card. Jack signed it placed it on the table to which Benik Afobe picked it up and laughed “ You only have defence 74”. This off the cuff comment totally made Charlie's day and has been the talking point for weeks. Also meaning he is now on his best behaviour in order to earn a packet of Match Attax Extra in the vain hope Afobe or AFC Bournemouth Wilshere is hiding inside.  match attax extra

As with Topps Disney Princess Trading Card Game there is something to suit all budgets.

£4.99 will get you a collectors binder (which is a must), game mat, collectors guide and a pack of cards.

Collectors Tins (which are great for storing your cards when you take them out for swaps! Nobody wants a bent corner!) are £5.99

Individual packets can be purchased for £1 and contain 8 cards. These are perfect pocket money items or in our case treats for good work, good behaviour and helping round the house.

Do your children collect Match Attax cards? I'd love to hear any interesting storage ideas? Or ways to keep them once the season is over? As before you know we'll be collecting next seasons trading cards! 

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