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How to play Disney Princess Trading Card Game | Review

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Who doesn't love having a collection? Charlie is crazy insane about his Match Attax and organising them in to teams, filing them in tins and binders and swapping with his chums. The girls have been desperate for something to fill their collection void and well are over the moon with Topps Disney Princess Trading Card Game. Not only do the cards feature all their favourite princesses but with the handy mat you can play a super cool game.

disney princess trading card game

How to play :

Each card has one of 5 symbols upon it : Castle, Bird, Heart, Butterfly and Flower

disney princess topps 

There is also a score for kindness and bravery, this is the score you play with. 

kindness and bravery card

Each player needs a minimum of 8 cards.

The idea is that the first player choses her highest scoring section (either bravery or kindness) and player 2 has to beat this.  The player with the highest score wins. The winning player puts the card onto the coordinating section of the play mat. If both cards have the same number both players get to keep the card.

The first player to fill in all 5 symbols across the game mat or 5 of one symbol down, wins! 

topps princess game mat

There is a harder version but with Olive being 5 we haven't tried this.

The only minor quibble I have with the game is that the mat is basically an A1 folded poster. It hasn't taken many games to tear and crumple. You could cover in clear sticky back plastic or laminate in A4 sections? It would be good if you could buy replacement mats (or two came in a pack) without having to purchase the £4.99 kit again. However you can play this version without the mat as a visual clue. 


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