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How to Play Topps Match Attax | Review

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Just like the Topps Disney Princess Trading Card Game, Match Attax Extra can be purchased with a play mat or “mega play pitch”. Like most football games Topps Match Attax is a game for teams or in this case players. The aim of the game is to beat your opponent by scoring the most goals just as in any Premier League match. Charlie's account of most of his football matches consists of the words “I nearly scored”.match attax extra

Each player needs :

  • A team of 11 players and 3 substitutes.

  • Choose 2x tactic cards – tatic cards include cards such as Possession, Agent, Stat-Swap and Injury

  • Lay all your cards face down in formation on the game mat. play match attax

How to play :

  • Each player must play the opposite Defence V Attack

  • The winner has the highest score

  • Keep going until all the cards have been played. how to play match attax

You can play this game as above in easy mode or add some more components to make it a little like being a Premiership manager. For example : Setting yourself a budget of £100m including your substitutes.match attax trading cards

Charlie loves playing Match Attax and generally flicking through his cards. The Mega Play Pitch is a welcome addition to his collection. He adores using the mat. Unlike the Disney Princess version which the girls play super quickly the Match Attax version requires more skill, concentration and tactic manoeuvres.

As a parent I love that all the Topps Trading Card Games are interactive and have a variety of uses. Charlie sits for hours sorting his cards and the low price point £1 a pack means they make great pocket money treats.


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