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Mighty Claws Adventure Golf | Review

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It's not often Daddy Moo's gardening business interests the children much. They have grown up with growing plants, veggies and never really thought much about it. However everyone was all ears listening to Daddy's tales of unloading animatronic dinosaurs and planting stunning red and green acers in what is set to be the most roarsome adventure golf course.

giltrow land management mighty claws

A new £1m plus dinosaur adventure golf course opened in Bournemouth on Saturday 27th May featuring state of the art, animatronic large scale dinosaurs, an erupting volcano and a five metre high waterfall. We've seen the course in 3 different states of building, so seeing it finished and the dinosaurs come to life was pretty special.

mighty claws

The brainchild of Allan Saud, owner of the Playgolf course in Riverside Avenue, Christchurch, the 18-hole Mighty Claws Adventure Golf is dinosaur-themed aimed at children from 3 – 14 and their parents. The course itself is home to various life-like animatronic dinosaurs. These are the villains of the course – based on characters of the “Invasion of the Iron Jaws”, a children’s book chronicling the first episode in the adventures of a small group of lovable dinosaurs from Sweet Claw Valley, who can also be found on the course along the way.

The Sweet Claws must undertake a series of fearsome adventures in order to free their valley from the evil Iron Jaws. We've had the book *cough signed* for a while now and are waiting baited breath for the second book installment (and the second Adventure Golf Course too!) As we'd already read the book, Megan was on the look out for Truly and her chocolate pot.

 olive mighty claws

Olive (6) : When the ball gets to the end it goes in to the hole and disappears. I won. 

The course is lots of fun with a great variety of holes and lots to keep the children entertained as the course is such a visual treat. It's hard to believe that all the rock was made and painted by hand, but it really was we watched men doing it.

 megan mighty claws

Megan (8) : I loved it and all the dinosaurs and other props make it look so realistic. The book “Invasion of the Iron Jaws” as well is really exiting. I also like how you use a score book to keep track of who is winning. When we added the scores together I got 104 which means I lost but nevermind because after we played golf we had pizza in the cafe. YUM YUM. I liked Toby the dancing dinosaur it was funny watching the adults try and get children to dance. My favourite character in the book is Anky because when I first read the book Anky is just a dinosaur who wants to help . But at the golf course we saw a statue of him and it said “Ankys favourite things are strawberries and mud baths”. Which helped me to know him a little better and surprisingly I like strawberries too but not that keen on baths (especially not mud baths). 

charlie mighty claws

Charlie (10) : I like the cave because of the walls look like real rock. You have to be careful you don't get splashed by the mini waterfall in the cave too. 

The Mighty Claws Adventure Golf at Playgolf Club in Bournemouth is open 7 days a week, priced at £25 a family of 4 I think it's a great day out and I'm sure we will visit in the summer if not just to make sure Daddy Moo's trees are ok!

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