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30 Days Wild | Day 8 | Making a Rain Gauge

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twt 30 days wild_countdown_08It's been raining lots and we haven't been outside because we have been busy at school and after school clubs. I have been checking my bird feeders. We had a massive wood pigeon on the fence, it was waiting for bird to peck the food. Pigeon collects the mess on the floor. He had a bath too. The nuthatch hasn't been around. I'm going to get some more nuts.

Today we made a rain collector to measure how much rain we have had.

Here is how you can make one.

You Will Need :

  • An empty bottle

  • Scissors

  • Ruler

  • Permanent Pen 

How To Make It :

  1. Ask a grown up to help cut the top off the bottle. rain collector

  2. Using a ruler draw cm spaced marks

  3. Label the marks – Olive made 10 = 10cm weather station label

  4. Put the top upside down in the bottle like a funnel.

  5. Put outside and wait for rain.   

rain collector

If you make one share a photo using the #30dayswild and tag us @CharlieMoos on Twitter

30 days wild

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  1. I like the look of this creation. There's been little rain this past week though. #Trash2Treasure

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  2. I love this, so simple yet fun and educational too! #Trash2Treasure

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  3. Such a simple idea but so much fun. I wish I had thought to do this with our guests last week, we had so much rain and they could have measured the change each day. We are back to sunshine this week but I'm definitely pinning this for the next rainy week. Thank you for sharing with me on #Trash2Treasure

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