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30 Days Wild | Day 12 - 18

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The weather is so hot we have been outside lots. It's easy to be outside when the sun is out. Here is what we have been doing. This is Day 12-18 of 30 Days Wild.30daywild 12

  • Jumping over a ditch then we ran around the field. 
  • Mummy bought some flamingos they are hiding in the sweet peas. 
  • Olive climbed a tree.
  • Olive picked the strawberries we have been growing.
  • Megan and Olive made mustaches out of helicopters. Mummy said they are like natures fidget spinners! (sycamore seeds)
  • Olive climbed a tree.

jay feather

Olive found a feather in the sandpit. I thought it was a jay, I have seen one in the garden. We found it in my bird book and the feather matches a jay. They like to eat insects and nuts.

RSPB Pocket Guide to British Birds is a good book I can take out on walks or name the birds in the garden. 

30 days wild

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