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30 Days Wild | Wildlife Friendly Garden Competition

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TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_26Regular readers will know we have spent a lot of time organising our garden in order to make it functional as a family but also somewhere where the children can explore and develop their love of wildlife. We've worked really hard to encourage wildlife into the garden from Charlie's many bird feeders to his wildlife pond (aka two old washing up bowls) and the girls Fairy Garden filled with wild flowers, juvenile tree cuttings, decorated stones and mushrooms.

This year we decided to put our garden in for the Dorset Wildlife Trusts Wildlife Friendly Garden Competition and this Monday the team came to judge us. There is a list of criteria (see below) and your garden must cover at least 6 of these.

wildlife garden criteria

The judges assessed our garden looking at how much effort you put in to creating wildlife habitats and what we do to attract wildlife into the garden. We had already sent in a selection of photographs but with the sunny weather so much in the garden had already changed. The veggie patch and sweetpeas are in bloom, the boys trimmed the willow and repotted the cuttings and Charlie planted some seeds.

The children were sadly at school during our alloted judging period and not trusting Daddy Moo and I to ensure everything was mentioned they wrote the judges a letter (which I forgot to take a photo of before the judges took it home with them but it detailed everything that have worked on).

dorset wildlife trust

So the hard work is done the judges have been and now we need to wait until July 19th to find out if we have won. Whatever the outcome I'm super proud of the children and I'm quite proud of us parents too. It can be easy to say no to children because something is time consuming, doesn't look pretty or doesn't fit with our scheme, but the joy a pile of logs, a bug book and a microscope brings the children it's a no brainer.

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30 days wild

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