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30 Days Wild | Day 25 | About Trees Kit Review

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TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_25I might have mentioned before that Daddy Moo is a gardener and the children love developing our wildlife friendly garden. This year we have added the veggie patch too and can't wait to eat some of our own grown potatoes, tomatoes and carrots. But what I might not have mentioned is that Daddy Moo is keen on Bonsai. We have quite a collection of trees in our garden and at his yard, maples, willows, silver birch and pines. Whilst personally I don't always get the appeal or even think they are that attractive (or worth the stupid money the sell for!) they keep him happy and Daddy Moo's love has transferred onto Charlie. Charlie loves pruning trees and last year he cut down a load of willow branches, instead of disposing of them he placed them in empty milk cartons full of water, willows are super thirsty which is why you see them growing on the side of rivers and lakes. After a while buds started to appear and before you know it you have a twig full of roots.charlie willow forest

Charlie planted some of his willow cuttings in a waterlogged tray and is trying to create a mini willow forest (Bonsai size).

About Trees Kit :

Charlie was keen to get his hands on a kit because he loves silver birches and the idea of growing one from seed really enthused him.About Trees Kit

  • Includes 24 tree identification cards showing the tree, leaf, fruit and bark, these are super cute and come on a handy silver ring so you can either pop them in your pocket or connect to your rucksack.

  • A tree height measure, this is a great piece of kit again small enough to stick in your pocket yet light enough to chuck in your rucksack. (If your child is anything like Charlie he can't go on a simple walk without a rucksack filled with books, insect collecting jars etc ...)

  • A real skeleton leaf with instructions on how to make your own, (which involves boiling water so needs adult supervision) can't wait to try this. The skeleton looks amazing under the Pocket Microscope

  • 3 different tree seeds with growing instructions and details of how every part of a tree is used commercially. Charlie has planted silver birch, alder and spruce.planting tree seeds

Growing the seeds : 

We've been using a propagator to get our seeds going. Will let you know how they turn out. Our neighbour has a maple tree which hangs into our garden and the maple seeds have a habit of self seeding in the girls fairy garden. Daddy Moo and Charlie gently move them into pots and trays to grow.

I adore that Daddy Moo and Charlie have a hobby they can do together, they both know so much about trees. I also love that tree growing is so easy even for children. Will let you now how Charlie's trees do. The Flights of Fancy About Trees Kit retails at £12 from Green Board Game Co, Ltd.charlies trees

Charlie was sent this kit in order to review.  


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