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Lemur Landings, More Than Just Soft Play

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Co-running a networking group provides us with many benefits and one being a family pass to Lemur Landings. It provides a great venue for school holidays whereby the children can play and I can work. It's a win win for all of us, plus we usually meet some chums, eat lunch and spend the whole day here, sometimes it's even an add on to a cinema treat. As Lemur Landings is located at Tower Park there really is lots of things to do on site.


As Charlie and Megan have got older, heavier, taller than have been able to enjoy the climbing walls, but there was something missing, when the team said the whole top section was being removed and replaced with more climbing equipment we had a few suggestions. Obviously. One of our ideas were to have a bell of some kind at the top so the child was able to signal to their friends/fellow climbers/parents they had reached the top. We also offer the advice of some kind of device that could time the child climbing to the top. This was possibly mine as my watch was forever being used as a stop watch and Charlie is a sore looser! When the new climbing walls were finally installed and we got to try them out (when I say we I mean the children I'm not sure I'd fit in the harness!) imagine their delight to find not only a timer button at the bottom with big digital clock to read at the top but there is also a buzzer! No way!

Megan (8) : I like the “ DIGI WALL” it is a fun group game, good for any ages the families will love it . The idea of using tokens is genius as it makes it fair and good for turn taking. So mad climbers don't use it all day, like Olive and Charlie. The climbing wall really stands out because of the lights which makes more and more people want to go on it (I was dying to go on it the first time!) The other one (skytykes see photograph) I can't talk about because I didn't go on (sorry! ).SkyTykes2

Charlie (10) : I like the new climbing wall because is good to time your self and see what you get. I also like the town because of all of the houses and the road is cool. The digi wall is good for friends and family to play against each other and see who wins all the game.

Olive (6) : I like the climbing wall. Facts it has a timer and bell, everyone knows when I'm a winner.

The lower ground level has been stripped of the party rooms and a smaller height restricted soft play and sensory room have been added in it's place, alongside Lewyville – Role Play Area. Although strictly speaking Charlie is too old for role play world (10) all 3 of them absolutely love it. 


Photo Credit : Is This Really My Life  

All the additions to Lemur Landings make it somewhere your children can run wild, use their imagination and chill. There is so much for them to do now and less chance of them moaning they are board. On some occasions they have been so busy playing they haven't even stopped for something to eat! Which in my house is unheard of!

You can still enjoy Phaser Tag and Create a Bear parties and events too. Lemur Landings is most certainly more than your average soft play.  

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