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PJ Masks Jumping Adventures | Oxygen Freejumping Review

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Are you 5 and under and fancy being a superhero for an hour or so? The superhero trio from Entertainment One’s (eOne) new kids’ TV show PJ Masks and Oxygen Freejumping have joined forces to provide an exciting summer activity. The partnership closely aligns with Oxygen’s core mission to help children improve their balance, flexibility and coordination, which play a key role in encouraging kids to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. The PJ Masks ‘Jumping Adventures’ sessions provide the perfect opportunity for even the smallest of superheroes to jump at their own pace in a safe and fun environment. Running from Friday 24th July to Saturday 3rd September 2017 and £4 per person (adult supervision will be required) and lasting one hour little jumpers will be encouraged to become their favourite PJ Masks hero for the hour and emulate the superpower strengths of the three characters - agility, strength and flight.


The jumping activities include…

  1. Catboy’s Leap will give toddlers jumping hero poses to copy whilst jumping into the giant airbag

  2. Gekko’s Grip involves collecting different shaped objects from one side of the trampoline court to the other, avoiding the villains!

  3. Owlette’s Flight will teach new jumping techniques and actions with fun games

Although the moo's are too old for the PJ Masks sessions (being as they are 6, 9, and 10 ) we were invited to try Oxygen out. You might remember last year we visited Planet Bounce in Nottingham and have been regular visitors to our local Activate Centre but Megan's gymnastic friends have been singing Oxygen's praises for a while now. I filled the waivers out online the night before as I know how busy these places can get. The reception area has loads of lockers which are free to use via a pin rather than hunting for a £1 coin. We recycled our jump socks from previous venues but if you don't have your own socks they can be purchased for £2.

We took Megan's friend, Leo, with us and all 4 children said they prefered the trampolines at Oxygen to anywhere else. There seems to be a bit more variety rather than lots of same sized trampolines in a row, some had raised areas to jump off. Olive loved the huge air sack which Leo was quite expertly doing flips into! The staff were super friendly and supportive encouraging Olive to do a roly poly onto the airbag when the first time she was too scared to even jump on it.

The room is light and airy and there's a cafe to sit and watch from however you can't view the whole trampoline park from the cafe so if you have little ones (over 5) you might want to walk down the side to watch them. Charlie also found it quite hot too, there seemed to be a lack of air con however there was a water fountain which given how much he drank was handy.

The PJ Masks ‘Jumping Adventures’ sessions will be available from exclusively at Oxygen Freejumping parks across the country including Acton, Croydon, Leeds, Manchester, Southampton and Wigan., please visit

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