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ZSL London Zoo a Family Day Out | Review

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Ever since we visited The Tower of London last year Charlie has been keen to go check out ZSL London Zoo. Of course I did tell him the original Tower of London animals would all be dead and not actually living at the zoo anymore! Being a keen conservationist and wildlife friendly gardener, Charlie has been really interested in the stories and documentaries about the zoo so when the opportunity to see first hand came up he couldn't believe it. My brother has been living in London for a few years now and still hasn't visited many of the iconic attractions yet so we invited him to join us.

london zoo

London Zoo is massive we arrived around 11:30 and were pretty much kicked out at 6 and we still didn't see some of the attraction! The problem was taking two males who read everything and take a keen interest in EVERYTHING. It's slow progress! We had a think and here are 6 things you really need to see at ZSL London Zoo.

Top 6 things to do a ZSL London Zoo :

  1. The Aquarium : We started off in the Aquarium where we learnt a lot about underwater conservation projects, housed in a stunning listed building , London Zoo boasts the worlds first public aquarium which opened in 1853. It's crazy to think that we visit Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park all the time and take aquariums for granted.aquarium london zoo

  2. Reptile House : No self respecting Harry Potter fan can visit London Zoo without checking out the Reptile House, where the iconic snake scene from Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone was filmed. Megan even tried her parseltongue skills out on a few snakes but luckily she's no zoo reptile centre

  3. In With the Lemurs : After our failed attempt at Marwell Zoo the children were keen to walk through the Lemurs and see them up close. We were not disappointed. I can't believe how close they actually get to you, although you have to mind as they don't care where they pee! The keepers gave some really insightful information about the lemurs, their habits, behaviour and it was funny to see how completely disinterested they were in us!

  4. Tiger Territory : Being the owners of 2 cats (one being our new addition 10 week old kitten, Alice) you'd not be surprised that Charlie is a fan of the big cats. I think he loves how even a great big tiger has the same mannerisms as our domestic cat (although he wouldn't eat us!) We saw the tigers twice the second time toward 5:30 when the zoo was slowly emptying and we were the only people in there. The tigers seemed to have a second wind and were running about pushing each other over in a playful way just like our cat George.Tiger London Zoo

  5. Penguins : Megan (9) : I really liked the penguins. I liked that you could see them from above but also watch them through the windows swimming. A leaf fell into the water and a penguin swam into it. The leaf was stuck on his head, this was funny.London Zoo Penguins

  6. The Bats : Olive (6) : It was dark and a bit smelly but I liked the bats. We went on a bat walk before but the bats at the Zoo are massive. They eat fruit and had watermelon. I like watermelon.

ZSL London Zoo is really well laid out. You literally walk from one area to the next so there is always something to keep the children excited and entertained. I can't write this post without mentioning the giant moths in the Tropical House that were so big we thought they were fake!

moth london zoo

We were provided with 4 press tickets in order to write a review, we purchased 3 ourselves however we did use Charlie's Blue Peter Badge meaning we only paid for 2 adults. It's always worth checking where your child can use their Blue Peter Badges. 

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