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Martina's visit to Sea Life Turtle Rescue Centre | Review

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We have been testing out the Martina the Turtle from Club Petz. Martina is a super cute and very timid Turtle perfect for Olive the girl who loves turtles/tortoises but cannot have one of her own. Call Martina and she will start to walk towards you however you need to remember, Martina is shy therefore you need to talk to her gently or she’ll get scared and start making strange noises!sea life turtle rescue centre 

We decided to make a visit to Sea Life Adventure Park Weymouth to check out their new Turtle Rescue Centre. I wasn't sure what to expect but it was amazing. Each child is provided with their own turtle Each turtle interacts with the equipment so we did have to place Martina on top of a turtle to make sure it worked.martina turtle

First of all Martina was weighed (and named) we discovered that she was a little overweight for a turtle! Whoops! Step away from the snacks Martina.sea life weymouth turtles

Then she was feed. Each turtle was waved over the sensors and each food lit up. Here are some of the items that turtles like to eat : crabs, shrimps, seaweed and of course their favourite jellyfish. On a previous visit to Sea Life we learnt all about how turtles are being harmed by plastic bags which get in to our oceans and are mistaken by a friendly turtle as jellyfish. Please, please ensure you always take your rubbish home on beach days out.martina xray

Next Martina was given an x-ray to ensure everything was fine. Megan was a little disappointed to discover her turtle Greg had a cracked shell. After x-raying all the turtles were rehydrated with a good long drink and then realeased back into the ocean.

Olive (6) : Martina is really life like and having your own pet to look after. I love Martina xx releasing martina

This is a great exhibition in teaching children about conservation and protecting wildlife. Martina is a great toy encouraging children to take care and nurture pets. At £20-£25 it's not very expensive although Martina has limited noises I'd have liked her to be a little more interactive. Having said that Olive adores her and really enjoyed taking her to the Sea Life Centre.

We were sent Martina in order to review. We are also Sea Life Ambassadors. 

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