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Emoji Movie Poseable and Light up Toys | Review

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I love emoji's. There I said it! I don't care who knows.

I love a good poo emoji and monkey with hands over his eyes. These are my favourite.

With the big film this summer being Emoji you wouldn't be surprised to know there are numerous emoji toys on the market. We were sent the poseable light up figures from Flair to review.

There are 3 in the series Jailbreak, Gene and Poop. We were sent Poop and Jailbreak. I am currently going through an office make over and Poop is going to be a feature in my office because lets face it every self respecting blogger needs a light up poop emoji on their desk. emoji desk toy

These are advertised as poseable, which in reality means their arms move up and down. They also light up which on Jailbreak is her hair and Poop's bow tie. They light up via the moving up of one of the arms. All in all it's a little underwhelming as toys go but having said that the girls liked them and role played for ages with them.

The Emoji's come with a speech bubble to stand them on which is pretty cool and in keeping with the text speak theme. However the legs don't really move and for the character to stand up he needs his speech bubble.  emoji toy

The Emoji Move Figures are made by Flair, RRP : £14.99. I can see these being more of a collectable item that sits on your desk/bookshelf rather than a toy.  

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