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Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park | Review

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At the beginning of the summer holidays we visited Combe Martin in Devon for a long weekend. Such a stunning (and hilly) part of the country. On route to our accommodation the children spotted many places they wanted to visit one being Combe Martin Dinosaur and Wildlife Park. Set in over 28 acres of spectacular, sub tropical gardens it's a unique yet stunning attraction.tortoise combe martin

I didn't really know what to expect but there really is something to suit everyone. There is an eclectic mix of wildlife including lions, wolves, sea lions, exotic birds and more, alongside impressive life sized animatronic dinosaurs which are pretty spectacular. As if that isn't enough there's a Dinosaur Museum, Bug World and the Tomb of the Pharaohs (which is down some narrow stairs and dimly light, Olive wasn't a fan!). The park also has a daily schedule of free shows, talks, encounters and a number of ‘Animal Experiences’ to enjoy. 

Here are some of our favourite moments from our day out.

Sea Lions :

I don't actually think I've ever been anywhere that has sea lions. The talk was not only really funny but super informative. Megan absolutely loved it and seeing as it was her birthday I treated her to a snog with a sea lion.combe martin sea lion

The image is lovely although its quite small for £6. You can get these images taken feeding a lion through the bars, holding a tortoise and sitting on a bench with the meerkats.

Meerkats :meerkats combe martin

Who doesn't love a meerkat! They are so funny and cute, it's one of my favourite areas at Marwell Zoo. We were super excited to find that the meerkat talk actually happens inside their enclosure, whilst the keeper feeds them running around in front of you. It is a pretty awesome experience, I loved watching them poking up from inside the sand tunnels.

Dinosaurs :dinosaur combe martin

The winding paths through the sub tropical jungle are teaming with dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes. The children particularly enjoyed the T-rex awakening complete with spitting raptor. What is it about children who stand in front of a raptor getting wet but as soon as it starts raining the world is ending? #justasking

Soft Play :

In between the showers of rain and because there is a lot of walking and Nanny Moo and I needed a sit down and a coffee. The soft play area is really large, with plenty of seating. There's plenty of equipment to suit multiple ages too. Whilst we were chatting 2 peacocks strutted in, they didn't climb the apparatus but boy they are stunning. Charlie was desperate to get his hands on a feather but alas we didn't find any that weren't attached to a peacock anyway!  peacock

Wolves :

We spotted signs that one of the wolves had been attacked and not to worry which of course was the first thing Charlie did. He soon found a keeper to provide him with tons of information about the 2 packs of wolves and the current situation. When you speak to the keepers it's clear they adore the animals in their care and know an awful lot about them their characters and personalities. Charlie was really sad that her babies even disowned her and reassured me this would never happen with us (lucky me!) We really hope the mummy wolf finds a new home that will love and accept her.combe martin wildlife

Prices are £14.50 for adults and £12.50 for children. Be aware of the parking situation also, it's a steep hill up into the park. The children decided to stay with Nanny in the disabled car park and I collected them on the way down. ‘The park is built around a naturally beautiful valley and some pathways are steep in places, not all areas are wheelchair friendly so it's worth checking with the wildlife park beforehand.

We were provided with tickets free of charge for the purpose of writing this review.  

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