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Tap Factory Taptastic Fun | Review

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It's been a while since Megan and I enjoyed a dance show at The Lighthouse (one of our most favourite things to do together) so when I saw the Tap Factory was heading to town I knew we had to see it. Megan is currently preparing hard for her Ballet and Tap exam in a few weeks time. She adores Ballet but finds Tap a little harder and enjoys it less. I really hoped that the Tap Factory would inspire her and reignite a passion for dance.Tap Factory_bogota

Tap Factory is an International hit-show for all the family, featuring urban tap dance, percussion, comedy and acrobatics. It is s so much more than a tap show - full of high energy dance, explosivepercussion and unbelievable acrobatics, all wrapped up in a fun-filled evening. We laughed, we gasped, we felt the beat of the drums deep in our chests and smiled until our faces hurt. I'm going to find this so difficult to eloquently explain how AMAZING this show is!

One of my favourite parts was when Megan turned to me and said in the most excited screech “He just did a parradiddle! We do parradiddles!” Being able to see a movement she recognised and can perform really did make her day. Visually she was able to see what Tap can be when you work hard and learn all the steps just like when we see a ballet.TapFactory_32_CreditPhoto_PhilippeFretault - Press

Megan (age 9) : I loved Tap Factory with the comedy and humor. It has definitely inspired me to do more tap. I love the way the do tap ever so fast but there so casual about it . Like its the most easiest thing in the world . I liked the end when they were drumming and water was splashing back at them . I absolutely loved the sand dance it was inspired.

The Tap Factory stage show features; 4 pairs of tap shoes, 12 oil barrels, 1 stepladder, 4 trash bins, 1 bucket, 1 toolbox, 1 broom, 12 cans, 4 wood mallets and eight handsome men. And if that list doesn't peak your interest then I don't know what will!

For further information and Tour Dates : Tap Factory 

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