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Retro Top Trumps | Review

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I don't remember owning Top Trumps as a child but since they have been around since 1970 I'm sure I must have come in contact with them before Charlie became a fan. Especially when over 80 million packs have been sold worldwide since 1999, after Winning Moves re-discovered Top Trumps in the dusty archives of Hasbro. I love that there are so many sets suiting everyone's interests and hobbies, we have amassed quite a collection including Deadly 60, Harry Potter, Frozen and Dr. Who sets to play with. Just recently I cashed in our collect 5 tokens for an Arsenal set for Charlie's stocking. (Shhhh don't tell him!)Top Trumps Cassette

Top Trumps are going back to their retro roots, remaking six classic presented in a cassette-style case (although this small touch was lost on the children who have never seen a cassette tape before!) Charlie was sent Today's Strikers 1992 and Crazy Cars to have a look at, play and give his expert opinion. As a child of the 90's I absolutely adored the vintage style, they are created like photocopied originals so some of the artwork has creases and retro marks. It really adds to the illusion these are old cards. Today's Striker has popular 90's players such as Ian Wright, Peter Beardsley and Gary Lineker, which Charlie found hilarious as he loves watching Gary and Ian on Match of the Day. There is some very questionable hair styling going on too!Todays Striker Top Trump

Charlie 10 : The striker cards are really funny. My Uncle gave me a book my Mummy bought him about football when they were kids. I liked seeing these footballers Top Trump scores because I never saw them play but now I know if they are good.

The Crazy Cars set showcases all the original artwork including the Midnight shocker, Porche 917 Le Mans and the Rollschuh-Auto (a roller skate car! Hilarious!).crazy cars top trumps

Priced at the usual £4.99 and available from all good toy and book stores. View the full Top Trump range visit

Top Trumps make a great stocking filler and the retro sets are perfect for the hard to buy men for, I know my brother would love the Today Striker set.  

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