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5 Top Gifts For Tim Peake's Number One Fan this Christmas

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Christmas can be a daunting time of the year. Olive is 6 so she just wants everything she's seen on TV between episodes of Peppa Pig from some sort of kids Segway to lip balm craft kits, she wants it all! Charlie on the other hand is 10 nearly 11, declaring this year he no longer wanted toys. Ekkk! I'm not sure he'd feel that way on Christmas Day with a sack full of books and underwear, so I've had to get my thinking cap on. I've mentioned it a few times (sorry) but Charlie loves Tim Peake so if your son or daughter is a space fanatic then you can't go wrong with this list.

5 Top Gifts For Tim Peake's Number One Fan this Christmas :

Wouldn't be Christmas without a book or two! Last year Charlie received “Hello, is this planet earth” with it's stunningly breath taking images from space. 

Ask an Astronaut” is Tim’s personal guide to life in space, based on his Principia mission, and the thousands of questions he has been asked since his return to Earth including

Tim PeakeHow does it feel to orbit the earth ten times faster than a speeding bullet? What’s it like to eat, sleep and go to the toilet in space?

Tim shares his thoughts on every aspect of his mission. Written to suit all ages, I can see this being something Charlie cuddled up on the sofa to read as well as sharing facts with us over Christmas dinner.

moon landing projector slide

Brainstorm Toys are really nailing the space theme this Christmas, there literally is something to suit everyone's interests and budgets. Seeing as my 10 year can't go to space yet what better way to fuel his imagination than to recreate an outer space light show in his room. This high quality slide projector will project a clear image up to one metre wide in a dark room, with 3 interchangeable slides containing 24 colour NASA images.

What's even cooler is you can add the dome to convert into a super awesome night light. Requires 3 x AA batteries which are not included.projector 

Charlie's had one of these for a while it sits on the same wall as his Hulk hand! I love how he merges his love of space and Marvel! A unique, interactive model of the moon with 12 illuminated lunar phases. The details are amazing and you'd be surprised it's not the actual moon you see. The phases of the moon can be automatic or manual using the infrared remote control, requires 4 x AA/2 x AAA batteries which are not included. Charlie has his on as a night light I love how it reflects on his TV screen while he's asleep.moon

This moon also comes with a handy guide book too.

You'll be pleased to here there are lots of stocking fillers gifts perfect for your mini Tim Peake's too. This torch projects 24 fascinating colour space images onto walls and ceilings in a dark room. There are 3 slide discs containing 24 NASA photographs similar to the full size projector but a fraction of the price. Doubles up as a normal torch too with a handy key chain making it ideal for hanging up and keeping safe. Batteries are included.


What self respecting mini astronaut/Tim Peake doesn't want freeze-dried Neapolitan ice cream for afters on Christmas Day!? This crumbly colourful block doesn't look or feel like real ice-cream but oh boy it tastes like it! So just how do you make freeze dried ice-cream? Using a vacuum chamber the ice-cream is frozen until the water crystallise, then the air pressure is lowered, forcing air out of the chamber. Next heat is applied, which vaporise the ice. Finally using freezing coil to trap the vaporised water, this process then continues until a perfect freeze-dried ice cream slice is produced. Amazing right!

For under £10 and available in a ton of flavours Space Food makes a great stocking filler. 

Well I don't know about you but I'm starting to get a little excited about Christmas!


Brainstorm Toys sent me a collection of items to review. Not all mentioned above are from Brainstorm.

All links are Amazon affiliate and I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase.

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  1. Wow the moon looks amazing. Such a lovely night light to have. Thanks for linking up to the #GiftGuideLinkUp

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  2. What a fantastic collection of space themed goodies! My boys (my husband and my 4 year old) are huge Tim Peake fans and I've bought my husband the book this year.

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  3. I absolutely love his space suit it looks very cool! Oh the idea of space food for stocking fillers is so good I might get some to put in Mr. C.'s stocking so he can always have some snacks when he goes to his Men Shed at the back of the garden! Thanks for linking up on our #GiftGuideLinkUp

    Posted on

  4. I love these gift ideas! I tasted space ice cream when I was a child and found it so weird but definitely something fun to try and great for space fans! Cameron has that torch and loves it! x

    Posted on

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