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The Wood Oven Boscombe | Review

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When I was 10, I'd have been happy with a cheese pizza and lemonade (to be honest Olive is quite happy with this but then she doesn't eat!) but recently we were invited to sample the new pizza menu at The Wood Oven, Boscombe. Charlie perused the menu for what felt like eternity until he announced “I'll have the Coast”, which was overflowing with seafood, Lymington crab, crayfish tails, smoked salmon, onions & capers (I'm not even sure I know what a caper is!). My first thought was argh great I'm going to be stuck eating a super fishy pizza, but he smiled sweetly and I reluctantly agreed. I needn't have worried though he tucked into his pizza ate a whole slice and said "I'm going to cry .... this pizza is so yummy", he was visibly moved by food. What can I say my boys a foodie!

The Wood Oven is the newest addition to the ever expanding Urban Guild and overlooks the sea on Boscombe Beach in Bournemouth. You can have your pizza delivered (within a 4 mile radius) or sit outside and enjoy the views or even sit downstairs in Urban Reef as The Wood Oven forms the evening bar snack menu. It caters for everyone. Although we arrived at dusk you could still make out a couple of surfers. The totally awesome pizza is cooked in a traditional wood oven, but let's face it should pizza be cooked in any other way?wood oven boscombe

Megan decided to have a posh ham and pineapple pizza or Urban Guild as it's called laden with slow roasted shoulder of pork and pineapple. Daddy Moo hasn't been eating meat and this was the first time we have eaten out whilst he's been meat free and he was a little apprehensive as to what he'd be able to have. The Wood Oven has quite a selection of meat free pizza's. He opted for the “Roasted” which is topped with wood oven roasted vegetables, pesto & pine nuts it was really delicious the veg was jam packed with flavour and had that lovely charred Wood Oven smell, colour and taste to it.

Olive is super fussy so we chose a basic Margherita which normally would make me sad as these pizzas are great for the kids but I end up sharing with her and they are normally a little lackluster. HOWEVER the ingredients are so fresh, the sauce is bursting with flavour and well the cheese "I don't know... it's like no cheese I've ever tasted..." Wallace, A Grand Day Out (1989). I literally had to fight Olive for a slice or two.

Each pizza is priced at £12, there are plenty of sides to order as well, but the pizza's are a really excellent size meaning you don't need anything wood ovenIt's very atmospheric and lovely downstairs in Urban Reef, the team looked after us like royalty. I managed to save my birthday gingerbread man from the clutches of small children, he was yummy. However the lighting didn't make for excellent photos #bloggerfail.  

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  1. those Pizza's look amazing! so yummy! x

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