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Mi-Mic | Review

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During the summer holiday Megan and her friend auditioned for Britain's Got Talent. They created matching vest tops, choreographed up a dance routine and sang “Can't stop the feeling”. It was super sweet and a lovely experience for the 2 of them. As it was August and we still haven't heard back I'm not holding out much hope of meeting Simon Cowell but the girls loved it and that's the main thing. Megan and Olive adore a bit of singing and dancing, I mean who doesn't.Mi Mic

If you are looking for a Christmas gift for your little entertainer then look no further than a Mi-Mic. Not only is it a super funky microphone with excellent clear and loud sound quality. But wait, it has an echo function too.

Megan was sent a Mi-Mic to review but we opened the box whilst she was at school and decided to have a little play. Daddy Moo spent ages with the mic upside down wondering why it wouldn't work the girls literally had it fired up and echoing within seconds. Kids 'eh!olive mi mic

Available in various colours ours is silver which I personally think gives it a bit of a grown up feel. Using Bluetooth to connect to your tablet, phone etc and play songs. The bottom has an LED ring which flashes 7 colours along to the beat of the music, if hooked up to the bluetooth. The Mi-Mic includes functions to fast forward, rewind, skip, play & pause meaning you can control tracks via the microphone.

Megan has a CD player and prefers to play her CD's and use the microphone as a mic rather than a speaker system. In this mode the LED ring light comes on but doesn't keep changing colours to the beat. The echo is also good fun for barking tea time up the stairs!mi mic megan

The Mi-Mic has a built in high capacity rechargeable battery, which is easily rechargeable by USB. Although Megan misplaced ours luckily my phone charger fit and we were soon back in action. I was surprised by how long the battery actually lasted.

RRP : £29.99 but currently £19 on Amazon

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  1. Caitlin would just adore this. She spends hours on YouTube listening to artists I've never heard of these days and singing their songs.

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