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Santa's Grotto with Wyevale Garden Centre | Review

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For as long as I can remember we have visited John Brown's Garden Centre to visit Father Christmas. We've had breakfast with him or sat I his Grotto for a chat, either way, it's a lovely experience and one I highly recommend. This year we were invited to sample Wyevale Garden Centre new Grotto experience, however not all locations offer this service so do check out the website.Father Christmas 2017 Wyevale

I decided to have a bit of a girls day out so we grabbed Nanny Moo and ventured over to Andover, Garden Centre. As we entered trees where being selected and there was a distinct feel of Christmas in the air. The Grotto experience is absolutely beautiful and the girls fully immersed in the magic.magic bean

We entered into a forest on the hunt for cheeky fairies, clutching a magic bean. Excitement levels were on high and the girls throughly enjoyed looking for and counting fairies.finding fairies

Next they planted their magic bean in soil and carefully labelled the pot with their names. wyevale christmas grotto

It was then time to meet the big man himself. Father Christmas was lovely. He chatted with the girls for such a long time and told them a few stories about even how sometimes Father Christmas gets into trouble, but we must always try our best. The girls had placed their magic beans in a magic cupboard after a chat with Father Christmas they were instructed to press the button which switched on some flashing lights in the shape of a star, cue lots of squealing. Once the lights went out the elf helped Megan and Olive to open the door and what was inside! But a tiny Christmas Tree. The girls went utterly crazy and were super excited.

 tree decorating

After a few photos with Father Christmas, we headed down to the decorating station and decorated our trees.

Once Megan and Olive were happy we ventured into the next part of the forest and found fairies and moonicorns (that's unicorns to you and me!) and chatted with more elves, who were super cheeky.Megan Elf

Then we climbed the steps up into the tree house to select a present. I really love this about Wyevale that they don't wrap the presents. Meaning the child can select something they know they will like. It does mean this process can last a while and I think Olive selected at least four different presents before finally deciding on the first one she selected.

The experience lasted over an hour and there is so much to see and do in between the stations that I can see in peak times that your child wouldn't get bored waiting. Would you believe that the cost is £10 per child! You can also take as many photos as you like and nobody is trying to up sell anything to you. It has to be one of the best Grotto experiences we have been too. Both girls couldn't wait to tell Daddy Moo and were filled with stories and laughter.

We were provided tickets in order to review all opinions are my own. 

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  1. I remember going to Wyevale garden centre with my son when he was little to see Santa. It was always so festive!

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