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Great British Sewing Bee Sewing Studio | Review

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Back in 2008 I had the idea to start my party supplies small business, Megan was a newborn and Charlie 1. I knew I wanted something special but paper and plastic party bags weren't that. I had the first batch of 100 party bags made for me. But I soon realised to keep this small business going I needed to create them myself to be able to offer bespoke options and a variety in designs. Daddy Moo purchased a small battery operated machine which literally went forward meaning I had to stitch seams back over themselves. It was a nightmare but it got the job done. Once I got the hang of sewing the fabric party bags I soon invested in a better sewing machine.sewing machine

Megan has been keen to get her hands on my sewing machine but it's quite old and temperamental, meaning it can be quite frustrating, believe me I know. The opportunity to review a sewing machine was welcomed and one that was suitable for a child even more so. The Great British Sewing Bee child friendly sewing machine is ideal for beginners, being as it's so light and compact it's also perfect for children. However I will fully admit that since this arrived I've retired my old worn out machine and have been sewing all Charlie Moo's handmade fabric party bags with it. It literally glides across the fabric and the foot pedal its reactive enough for both my speedy touch and Megan's tentative start, stop method.sewing bee machine

Megan has been keen to make some scrunchies and they are so easy to make then best thing is she can literally use the scraps of fabric left over from sewing party bags. Megan has made lots and lots of scrunchies which she's been selling at craft fairs (and to Nanny Moo who cannot say no to Megan's smiley face!). Before long I think she will be helping to sew all the bags too! Now that would be nice!megans scrunchies

The Great British Sewing Bee machine is officially licensed and designed with the hit TV programme. Included in the box is a starter sewing machine, foot pedal, mains adaptor, instructions, accessories tin, measuring tape, one spare machine needle, one needle threader, three bobbins, three spools and one thimble plus a kit for making a clutch bag (we haven't attempted this yet) all for under £40. This is a complete bargain and a really super set to get you going. 

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  1. Sounds like a great machine, perfect for young and old! I learned on an old singer complete with manual hand wheel

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  2. Oh my GOD I love the Great British Sewing Bee! I love that they have made a child friendly sewing machine too, those scrunchies are so cute! I think you have a budding designer on your hands... Lottie x

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