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Muddy Puddles Lottie Doll | Review

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As the weather started to change to that dreary winter grey and it was time to pull on our warm winter coats I decided to make sure mine made me smile. I opted therefore for a bright yellow raincoat and have since walked into winter smiling. My coat soon became the butt of all jokes, namely surrounding fishing and Captain Birdseye. When the opportunity arose to review a Lottie Doll I knew exactly which one I would choose. “Muddy Puddles” Lottie Doll who comes equipped with her own yellow hooded raincoat with blue striped lining, she literally is a mini me! raincoat lottie

Lottie is a much needed asset in the doll department. Not only can you choose a doll that suits your child's interests space, fossil hunting, fairies and also a gymnastics (this outfit is perfect for Olive's birthday) but Lottie is designed with kids in mind. Unlike other dolls Lottie is age appropriate, with proportionate body parts of an actual 9 year old. There are no high heels, super thin legs, Lottie can actually stand unaided, jewellery or breasts, Lottie is designed as a positive role model and a doll that children can identify with.

Olive was delighted to find Lottie not only wearing my coat but also welly boots! Olive loves nothing more than channeling her inner Peppa Pig by jumping in muddy puddles. Lottie has bbendable knees with ball socket hips and arms, another more realistic aspect of the dolls body.

Lottie at Warwick Castle

Lottie is also the perfect size for pockets! Being that she is a proportionate 18cm tall. We went to Warwick Castle during half term, Olive changed Lottie's clothing for a Rapunzel dress, to match her own outfit and carried her around in her pocket for most of the day! Unlike many dolls, Lottie is easy to dress and undress, meaning your child can easily undertake this activity themselves. (Yes Olive is wearing a Rapunzel dress with a dragon hat! This caused much hilarity during our trip and knights shouted at her that she was either a) a dragon or b) a princess dragon slayer who was wearing her victory spoils!)

We already owned Pony Club Lottie and Seren the Welsh Mountain Pony, some of the dolls come as sets rather than a stand a alone doll. I was pleasantly surprised by how soft Lottie's hair is which doesn’t tangle and knot unlike other dolls on the market. Nobody tells you that tangled dolls hair would be such a bane of your parenting life! lottie doll muddy puddlesEach Lottie Dolls is presented in a giftable, fully illustrated and collectible doll box bag that contains minimal plastic packaging. Lottie has won 19 international awards the core theme behind Lottie Dolls is be bold, be brave, be you. There are so many peculiar and odd toys on the market these days that it's lovely and refreshing to see Olive indulging in role play with her Lottie Doll. 

Prices start from £18.99 for a themed doll, you can also purchase accessory packs. 


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