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The Two Faces of Blogging

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I spend a lot of my time writing, speaking and training small business about the benefits of business blogging. The majority of the time the question I am asked the most are regarding “time”. Where will I find the time? Is that good use of my already limited time? Will people even read a blog? And the answer is always YES!

How do I know? Well with I am dedicated and organised. I regularly mindmap topics, spend time writing and scheduling posts for a month sometimes more and have a marketing plan for my blog. With Charlie Moo's I do none of the above and the result is a sad, lonely, neglected blog. I even posted a competition in November and had a grand total of 0 entries. In comparison over at every post I write is shared, commented on and enjoyed even months later.

 Blogging for Business

Right so the plan (EKK) is to get Mummy Moo's Blog back on track.

  • Mind map topics for the next few weeks – being a product based business opens up seasonal (Valentine's, Easter, Mother's Day) product plugs as well as discussions about stock changes/new products/best sellers.

  • Make a list of all the outstanding reviews (whoops sorry!!!)

  • Start writing! doesn't have a drafting facility so this will need to be old school either pen and paper or word. If I use word I'll be able to hyperlink sections ready and thus just cut and paste onto Mummy Moo's Blog.

  • Write posting dates in my diary – I check my diary daily but more importantly on a Sunday to know what the plan is for the week. Which means I can ensure I am aware of days I will need to upload/cut & paste the posts onto Mummy Moo's Blog.

  • Start entering blog carnivals and Silent Sunday etc … in order to promote my blog and encourage new traffic.

  • Socially share blog posts by using interesting comments relevant to the post rather than “check out my blog”
  • Make sure I don't schedule posts on the same days as so I have enough time and energy to share and promote. 

All of the above are highly achievable and will make a dramatic difference to my blog and ultimately sales on the website. – the only thing that will stop me from reaching my goal will be motivation. I have to harness now the motivation, drive and ambition that keeps ticking over like a well oiled machine.

Wish me luck!

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  1. You have now inspired me to dig out my copy of Blogging for Business, as our Little Blog has been very quiet recently. Here goes operation weekly blog :)

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  2. Come and join in with Photo of the Week! The link starts on my blog on a Friday :) Would love to have you join in XXXX

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  3. Good luck, Joanne! You know it makes sense :) I feel you though - it's far easier to do everyone else's sites than sit blogging on my own blog!

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