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cashpileI don't know if it is the chaos of Christmas – new toys, a house full of decorations – or whether its the prospect of a new year – new beginnings, BUT January always makes me want to spring clean. Spring cleaning is great but what do you do with everything once it's cleared? We sorted lots of stuff from the children's room, books, toys clothing and then it was in a big box in our room!! Not helpful! So here are my top 10 tips to make money from your unwanted items.

  1. Children's toys, clothes, books and DVD's can be sold in one hit at a nearly new sale – try Little Pickles Markets, your local NTC Group and schools – the price of a table will vary from group to group but on average it's £10-£20. Organise everything neatly in age, sex, season and price accordingly to make it easier for potential buyers.

  2. Facebook– this is a relatively cheap way to sell. There are lot s of local based groups. You start an album list add photos and prices – you can sell almost anything but just check the group rules. If someone wants to buy it they will collect from your home. Always private message them your address don't put it on a public forum.

  3. Gumtree also allows you to sell (or buy) individual items – buyers will come and collect from your home.

  4. Ebay– you can sell practically anything on Ebay but you will have to pay fees – listing fees to Ebay and paypal fees. So do look out for offers – free listing weekends etc.

  5. If you have tried Facebook, Gumtree and Ebay had no luck but still don't want to give them away for free then try We Buy Books - they actually take books, CD's and DVD's. You type in the ISBN or bar-code number into the box if they take it they will give you a price you can reject or accept. The maximum total sales is £15. I found a 10% code on Google+ which increased each books price by 10%. Free postage – what more can you ask for! There are a few other similar sites I just liked this one as it took a variety of items.

  6. Any unwanted books from We Buy Books take a long to your local Book Exchange – Moo took a pile of books we've grown out of along and was given £5 of in-store credit. Which he spent £2 of on information books about castles and pirates.

  7. Pre-loved clothing boutique's You sell on your designer children's clothing to them or if you want to squeeze a few more pennies out your t-shirt sell on commission – so they hang in the shop and if they don't sell at the end of the season you get them back.

  8. Been to nearly new sales, tried the pre-loved boutiques and listing like mad but still unsold clothing left over? Try Cash4Clothes – they only pay 50p per kilo so for me it was a last resort.

  9. Any left over toys and baby/children's equipment (pushchairs, beds etc. ) find out if you have a local Toy Exchange – much like the book exchange you receive in-store credit.

  10. Do you have one of those draws? Mine is in the kitchen where you find the oddest things? We found 4 yes 4 old mobiles, one didn't even have a battery! I loaded the details on to a comparison site and then sent free post the phones to the best offers. One of the phones I chose to have an Argos voucher instead which gave me a slightly higher price.

And finally if you have tried and failed on all of the above … take it to the charity shop!! You gain space and a charity makes some money win win!!

I've been putting all the pennies away in a money box as I'm saving up for a special surprise for the Moo's. But I hate to admit that I am still finding an abundance of unwanted items!! Oh the joys! I'd love to hear what you do to make extra cash from your unwanted items.



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  1. sell my samsung


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  2. Great tips, didn't know about the book one, have lots to get rid of thank you.x

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  3. Great ideas Joanne, especially the nearly new sales ;0) and mooooobile phone trade ins. x

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  4. Great stuff...budgeting well under way!

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