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Photo of the Week

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Wayne Hemmingway

Team Lloyd

No real words needed! I met Wayne Hemmingway on Sunday! 

We both spoke at Design Your Career - I on the Saturday and Wayne on the Sunday.  Here's a snap of me, Wayne and the lovely Heather Martyn taken by the talented Louise Jolley.   I was slightly star struck and did just say to Wayne "I'm so star struck I shall just stand here and smile inanely" ... which I did. He must be wondering what's in the water here in Dorset #oddbunch 

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  1. Great photo Joanne!!!!! Love the big smile :) Thank you for linking up with Photo of The Week X

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  2. great pic x

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  3. I'm not too sure who he is, but seems that he's someone that you admire! Lovely photo! :) x

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