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Food glorious food ... unless your name is Olive

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I must admit I am very opinionated and have strict views when it comes to raising my children. It doesn't mean I'm perfect or get it all right now that would be novel.  One of my beliefs which I get a bit stressed about is the eating habit of a child. 

I firmly believe that children should eat meals sat at a table with a knife and fork, with adults and enjoy the same a meal.  Charlie and Megan are excellent eaters they don't like everything But they always try.  They don't snack much and when they do it is a healthy option, we do have sweets and treats but not everyday. Puddings are a only given once the meal is finished ..... It's a sense of pride how well they eat. We know we can go anywhere they wwill eat and behave.  

Then you have Olive ....She's a grazer, snacker, crap magnet.  She only likes apples and grapes, toast not bread, red peppers and chocolate.  Healthy. We are 18months in baby weaning and I fear it's getting worse!  Give her her dues she does try food, just rarely likes anything. Or we have stages where she loves something recently yogurt then after months won't touch it.  

Youd think with 4 excellent role eating models we'd have cracked it by now. Right? But no such luck! Olive is the stubbornist child you have ever met, she would starve.   

I homemake most meals including our own pizzas which she loves as she enjoys cooking. I love my slow cooker so have become a dab hand at hiding vegetables. But I'm running out of ideas on how get her to eat! Suggestions .....

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  1. Sorru, I have no suggestions but can really empathise. Leah (now 11) used to eat well when a baby, now hardly touches a thing. I get very stressed by it but she just won't try anything new ... happy when it comes to pizza or hot dog sausages though!!

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  2. You are funny JD. Jack will eat in volume but it takes a miracle to get him to eat something new, Summer will try new things but has the appetite of a sparrow. Drives me crackers! HV told me to offer the thing I want them to eat repeatedly, it can take a dozen attempts before they decide they like it but we kind of get there eventually. ;)

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  3. Hi Joanne, Have you tried fresh smoothies or juices? You can hide greens in them! And even sweeten with a drop of honey if necessary :-)

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  4. Jayne

    I have this same problem with my now 10 year old. Would love to find an answer.

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  5. no suggestions as my boy rather eat paper! But hope she grows out of it soon x

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