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#CPKParty - A tale by Megan aged 4

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I like Cabbage Patchy cos they smell like strawberries and are boys and girls.  When I went to London. I had a photo with the pretty princess cabbage patchy she had a crown and curly yellow hair.  We got into Groups I was in group 3 we played duck duck goose and I bought Lottie with us. I liked it when we played dog dog cat that was funny.

Cabbage Patch

We played pass the parcel and I won Bree I was very happy. I had face paints of a brown, pink, green butterfly to match my dress with a leopard and diamonds on. I liked the magic trick show he was so funny when he was going to put smelly milk on all the children but it just disappeared. And I liked it at the beginning when he took money out of our ears and we had to pay.

I got Olive a party bag too it had trumpets with Cabbage Patchy on.  On the bus home I played on the iPad Peppa Pig and wrote on pictures.

Megan Cabbage Patch

The best bit was when I won a Cabbage Patchy and she is a ballerina. The worst bit was having a photo with the boy Cabbage Patchy because he had rubbish clothes. I really really like it when I made a pretty picture.

Cabbage Patch Collage

It was just me and Mummy and Lottie but on the way home it was Mummy, me, and Lottie and Bree.

I had the BEST day.

I LOVE YOU Cabbage Patchy Kids

Happy Birthday

love Megan x


Disclosure – this was an invite only bloggers event in London at Hamley's Toy Store - I paid for our travel there. Bloggers were not obiliged to write about the event. But Megan had such a fab time she wanted too - this is a selction of over 30 minutes of ramblings as sadly Mummy couldn't type that FAST! . 

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  1. Louise Kitch

    I'm glad you enjoyed your special day so much Megan. What a lovely write up about your adventures with cabbage patchy kids. Well done Megan Moo x

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