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Summer holidays - no school! 101 reasons why I am GLAD!

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I've written many an article on the joys of being a business mum … juggling 3 delightful children and trying to earn a penny or two for them to spend! But today I am stepping away from my saintly glow of “I am a mum and I can have it all” ….. school routines suck eggs!

invertebrate hotel homemadeI REALLY miss the spontaneity and adventures we had circa September 2011 when Moo started school and the world changed. I put the reception year mishaps down to new baby Olive but then September 2012 saw Megan starting reception too and I realised that I am NOT cut out to be a SCHOOL MUM!

Here are 101 reasons why I am GLAD the summer holidays are starting in no particular order.

  1. Getting up and being calm … no screaming “come on!!” no waking a tired girl up at 8am on a Friday then making her do an hours worth of tasks in 30mins!

  2. No lunch-box woes EVERY morning! I really wish Daddy Moo wouldn't eat in the middle of the night!

  3. Arriving every Tuesday at 10:30am with said lunch-boxes made up from the weekly trip to the supermarket.

  4. No hunting for flasks that all vanish mid week and then appear in there 100's on Friday.

  5. No walk of shame as I'm coming up the drive and the ENTIRE populations of mums are coming down the drive – I might as well have a huge banner saying “Yes I'm always late

  6. NOT one Mum knowing your name as you don't EVER get to school before 8:50am or 3:05pm and constantly being referred to as Charlie's or Megan's Mum.

  7. The constant list of things your child MUST bring to school, a £1 here, a favourite book, a teddy, permission slips, a fruit based snack, a map of the entire world made from sweet wrappers (OK I made up the last one)

  8. I don't have to wash my hair or feel like I should attempt to look like I made and effort but I didn't make an effort I just look good and take care of myself ARGH WTF! I am NOT I repeat I am NOT a YUMMY MUMMY!!! I tried I failed I'm a mess. But I'm a happy mess phew!

  9. Homework ….. thought up by teachers to torture mums who have children who'd rather play in the garden or build den's. During parent teacher consultations when the teacher remarks on the poor concentrations skills I bite my tongue instead of announcing “have you tried bribing him with chocolate and a teenage mutant ninja turtle? This is how we get homework done”. 

  10. I shall not miss my Mummy friends in fear of my children looking ridiculous or sad sending me messages to make sure I remember it non-uniform day.

     101 reasons im glad its the summer holidays

  11. Having to collect one child at 3pm and one child at 4pm as neither can decide to do the same after school club.

  12. Finding party invites in book bags the week after the party.

  13. Getting to July and realising I still don't know any of the teaching assistants names.

  14. Spending all weekend washing and STILL on a Monday morning the school jumper of which we have 1 between 2 as the others have long ago been lost, is yup, missing!

  15. Realising that of all the books you have been reading with your child not one of them was actually the school reading book and no-one is aware of the utter reading genius that is said child. (OK not quite a genius but we do read)

  16. Letting the children go to bed worn out, dirty and exhausted … not clean and at 7pm because thy have school tomorrow.

  17. Spending A LOT and that is A LOT of money on school shoes – concrete playground should be banned!

  18. Lay ins ... yup I'm going to say it (possibly only once) I WILL hand my children over to the TV nanny in return for laying in bed until 9am … so sue me ;)

Meh! Maybe 101 was too ambitious if you think of any I have missed out do pop them in the comments. 

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  1. This will be the first year that I will have to get up and go to work during the holidays. Been fortunate as I have always worked term time. This year very different working for myself, am lucky though my kids are older and can entertain themselves and I don't have to feel guilty about going to work.

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  2. Louise

    Am not skipping breakfast because its a choice of your breakfast or their lunch! Brilliant - although I count as a mum and I know your name is Olive's mum (hehe Joanne) x

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  3. I am so looking forward to not rushing in the morning. Always racing out the door, thank goodness the school is only 2 mins walk away!

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  4. Love this! I thought I had it all buttoned down last week... kit for sports day, extra car seat for play date, costume for concert, lunch box for school trip, etc. Feeling smug by Friday morning when I arrive to find the teachers dressed as giant teddy bears. Bring Your Teddy to School Day. Argh! Luckily Super-Gran came to the rescue with a 9.30am Teddy-Dash.

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  5. Hahaha Loved this post! Quite a few apply to us as well. Although I must say I am looking forward to my youngest starting in September as then I will FINALLY get some proper work done around here! xx

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  6. Oh no! I was already dreading Isabella starting school in September; I really can't be late out the door as I don't want her to miss the bus! Have a fantastically relaxing summer x

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  7. The best one for me was taking my son to a birthday party the day after the actual event. I was even early and as we trotted up the path with gift in hand - I couldn't understand why there weren't any balloons tied to the front door !!

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  8. My pet peeve is getting a note informing me you of what role your child is in the school play and the giving you 2 days to get a costume organised!!!

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  9. The impossibility of finding a parking space unless you turn up an hour early (in an ideal world we would walk of course, but school is 5 miles away). The playground bitching about other parents. The competition to see who can buy the most expensive present for the class teacher The battle to get the kids off the school adventure playground in time to run errands/nip to the shop/do the post office run and leave time to make and eat a meal before judo/Beavers/bedtime

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  10. Im 100% the same as you!!! I rock up to school 8.55am, 10 mins later every single day... Im the last one to collect the children. I always plan to make pack lunches the night before, but never happens. Next September I AM going to be more organised and have every thing laid out the night before!!!

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  11. Chelle

    Donations for the school fete! Urgh! I hate it when they send you out to buy lemon curd or bubble bath or cakes for £ s then sell them for 20p. A.N.N.O.Y.I.N.G

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