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#MSMBigNightIn Deutsch lernen

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We were contacted a while ago about joining in with the Moneysupermarket's Big Night In – they give you £50 to spend on a big night in being as creative as possible. Awesome I thought about 3 weeks ago!

There is nothing better than sailing close to the wind – deadline being er TODAY! Firstly it took us ages to decided what to do that was pretty AMAZING! As, well it is essentially a night in! Some friends suggested the old M&S meal deal, candles, romance etc... er no thanks! A girls night in wine, films, maybe a pamper party …. boring. The more posts that went live the more I realised that er … well the options were pretty limiting.

We finally decided and after a bit of cancelling and reorganising we eventually had our night in. And what did we go for? Tah dah …. A German theme.

Zunächst begann ich durch Drucken von einigen deutschen Ressourcen aus Twinkl - ich ging für ein Deutschland-Fahne und Hallo & Auf Wiedersehen in deutsche Flaggen - das war für die Kinder wirklich (ehrlich). Wie unsere Pläne geändert hatte wir beschlossen, sie in der Mahlzeit Aspekt der "Big Night In" gehören.

Firstly I started by printing off some German resources from Twinkl – I went for a Germany Banner and Hallo & Auf Wiedersehen in German flags - this was for the children really (honest). As our plans had changed we decided to include them in the meal aspect of the “Big Night In”.

German Signs Twinkl

Food wise – I basically went to Lidl and bought anything remotely baring the words “German” or “Germany”.

  • Brockwhurst

  • Black Forest Ham

  • Sliced Garlic Sausage

  • Edammer Cheese

  • 2 cans of bier

  • Schokolade

  • Sauerkraut

  • 2 woodland fruit strudels

  • Vanilla Ice-Cream from Tesco (near Berlin ;) )

German Food

I also bought some salad vegetables and part baked bread and utilised half a bag of oven chips. Luckily the heat over the last few days (summers here people!) meant that a cold meat buffet was the perfect meal.


I am not (actually none of us were) a fan of sauerkraut – regretting the MASSIVE tin I bought! Olive loved the garlic sausage and Moo loved everything. Megan enjoyed the strudel apparently her favourite bit was that it was hot (strudel) and cold (ice cream) – easily pleased! Daddy Moo and I also enjoyed a glass of bier – I don't normally drink larger and did feel a bit bloated after. But it was a nice treat. (Food came to just under £20) 

Wir entschieden uns für eine Deutschstunde mit einem Tutor (das war £18 pro Stunde) zum Glück in der Lage sie zu uns nach Hause gekommen war.

We decided to have a German lesson with a tutor (which was £18 per hour) luckily she was able to come to our home. After all 3 Moo's were fast asleep and full of German treats, Daddy Moo and I settled down to be learn a thing or too!

German is quite hard to learn and the sounds don't flow naturally – I found myself really over pronouncing words. Daddy Moo was better than me as he has no embarrassment factor. I surprisingly really enjoyed the German lesson we even bought a book (£3) from the tutor and have booked another lesson! It was great to do something new together. As once you have children you don't get much time to fit in a hobby and when you do its normally individual as the other is looking after the children.

Deutsch lernen

Wir genossen unseren deutschen Abend sowohl das Essen, Bier und sprechende Lektion. Vielen Dank für Moneysupermarket geben uns die Möglichkeit, etwas ganz anderes mit unseren Abend zu tun. Danke und gute Nacht

We really enjoyed our German Evening both the food, bier and speaking lesson. Thanks Moneysupermarket for giving us the opportunity to do something very different with our evening. Thank you and goodnight

TOTAL PRICE : - £41 

Disclosure: Money Supermarket provided us with £50 to spend. I used Google Translate to write the German parts – if you are German and I've written about underpants or something else ridiculous please do say! 

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    What a unique, Idea. German is hard, I remember struggling through A level. Looks a great night though. Sehr gut.

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  2. MMM that looks yummy but no käsekuchen? I had to slip my favourite german word in there! Looks like you had fun! Jade x

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  3. Brilliant!

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  4. this is the most different big night in i have seen! very original idea!

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  5. I love these photos!

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  6. Louise

    Sounds like you enjoyed your evening and had fun. Bet all 3 little Moo's loved it x

    Posted on

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