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I'm the winner - Charlie Moo #review

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I like these trainers because they are colourful.

Moo running shoe

They feel comfy and I like them.

They are good for riding my bike. 

I wear'd them on sports day and I came 1st in the running race.

winner Moo


Boring Stuff! Moo was sent these trainers to review from - they are they Asics Junior Gel Galaxy 6 RRP. £29.99 (although there is a 20% sale at the moment!) They are fab, really durable and easy for Moo to get on and off himself, no fiddly laces etc.  They also have washed really well. I'd recommend them. Big Thumbs up from us! 

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  1. Monica

    Hi Charlie and Joanne! Are the laces elasticated and 'just there' I had some shoes like that that laces were permanent if that makes sense but they were elasticated so it was slip in slip off! I would love to find trainers like that for both the kids! Do they also do girls? xxx Well done on your win! :)

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  2. Ailsa

    Wow well done Charlie, another cracking review! Glad to know the trainers are comfy, and suitable for both bike riding and running. Also, a super well done for coming first in the race!

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  3. Louise

    Brilliant review Charlie If they make you speedy, Jenni could do with some ?

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  4. Great review, I will remember these for when I next buy trainers for my children. I use Asics trainers and love them!

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  5. Rachel

    well done Charlie! A fab win and some lovely trainers too

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  6. liz Tanner

    Fab review Charlie. Looks like they helped you win your race. Do they do girls ones?

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