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More money making tips

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MoneyMost of my money making from clutter blog posts have been for those mass items that have a small price ticket – clothing, toys, CD's and DVD's for example can reach from 20p - £2 so hardly going to make you a millionaire.

If you have some larger value objects here are 4 super savvy suggestions.

  • Auction Houses – most will give you a free evaluation so its worth getting things like china, stamps, jewellery and coins checked out – if they are worth it put them into the next auction but remember to check out the commission the auctioneers will take.

  • If they aren't worth a huge amount Ebay or Gumtree are great selling forums.

  • As our children get older and technology advances we can sometimes end up with a redundant range of games consoles. Your unwanted Xbox and Playstation can be exchanged for cash from places like MusicMagpie and remember they take the games as well as the consoles, clothing, CD's and DVD's too so you can soon make up a nice cash pile.

  • Jewellery can be scrapped too – I had a pile of broken chains and odd earrings. I took them to a shop who bought them for their weight value I was surprised to receive nearly £50 especially given that they were broken and useless to me.

  • Furniture and Vintage style items – there are a few warehouses around where you can “rent” a space to sell your items. The showroom is split into individual sellers, who all name and price their products but the check out is one main one at the end. There is a place like this in Dorset – Molly's Den. Rent can start from £60per calender month – great way to sell and store larger items!

Once you have managed to have a super clear out try not to let it build up again. 

*Disclosure – this contains a sponsored link but the content has been written by Joanne and not influenced by anyone. 

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