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Day 1 - an udderly MOOverlous Holiday

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Being as we are both self employed and I already take the summer (7 weeks) off to look after the children and Daddy Moo is a gardener taking a holiday in the summer is a no go! However to minimise the amount of time M&M have off school we take 2 long weekends off in the year. One September/October and one in March. We go away Friday and come back Monday. Just what we all need to revitalise and refresh. Yeah right!! I get back from the holiday SHATTERED!

For the past few years we have been to Weymouth 3 times and Hayling Island once as these are both less than an hour away. However now the Moo's are a bit older and we had such an awful Holiday in Haven Weymouth Bay - we decided to go further a field to Devon! Why Devon? We love holidaying with Parkdean and having exhausted the closer destinations thought well why not! Daddy Moo and I have been many a time but never to Torquay.

The journey took over 3 hours! We did stop a couple of times and one being for a cooked breakfast! Thanks to some books, a mobigo, DS and bag of food we made it unscathed! Our check in wasn't until 4pm so we went and got a coffee at the Patio Bar and the children made full use of the park. Before we went off for a swim I thought I'd try my luck and see if our caravan was ready and it was! Result it was only 2pm and this meant we could sort our stuff properly instead of rooting through the bags for swim wear!

The pool was LUSH!! The Moo's have all become such water babies this past year! And the pool was really warm. We played lots of games and the older 2 went on the slide a few times (OK and so did I!). We ended up spending nearly 2 hours swimming!! After navigating the many hills (Parkdean's Torquay site is so hilly!!! It was quite a work out! By Monday morning my calves were feeling the burn!)

After getting changed and chilling for an hour or so (making beds etc.) we made our way back up to the Patio Bar for dinner. This restaurant is really tiny! I'm not sure how they cope during peak season! There is seating outside which we used on Sunday. Sadly seemed to be lacking half the menu, (no fish for the Friday fish and chip special – no corn on the cob for the kids meals for example there was a whole list!) which was a real shame. HOWEVER the food we did have was really nice and reasonably priced. I had a chicken and bacon salad on Sunday evening (as we stupidly missed the Sunday Roast cut of time!) and it was so good!

Now for Megan the highlight of her holiday has to be the children's entertainment! She loves Sid and Lizzie! Lizzie is her favourite and thankfully being van number 11 we made it into her team! This is big stuff when you are 5! There are lots of games played and dances – collecting points for your team. Megan was pumped with her collection of 5 Lizzie points!

 parkdean collage friday

We decided to call it an early night on Friday and were back in the caravan by 9pm. As this is just FRIDAY! Think I'll call this post to an end! Check back for the rest of our adventure! 

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